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Real Madrid | The Greatest Team in Football History

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Real Madrid History and Highlights

It is important to know the beginnings of one of the greatest soccer teams in history, such as Real Madrid. It has more than 100 years of history and has managed to stay at the top with the greats.

Real Madrid proposed to hold a tournament in honor of King Alfonso XIII and, thanks to that, earned the title of “Real.” This initiative would later become the Spanish Cup. If you want to know more, stay with us.

Real Madrid is the soccer team with the most achievements in the history of La Liga, having won 13 European Cups and 33 leagues. This club was founded in 1902. At that time, the president was Julián Palacios.

In 1920, the number of members of the club increased, so it had to change the playing fields to increase the number of spectators. It was then when it moved to the O’Donnell stadium. At this time, the King granted the Madrid team the title of “Real,” which translates to Royal.

An interesting fact is that Real Madrid has never been relegated to the Second Division and was one of the founding teams of the National League Championship in 1928. This is not surprising; their success is based on recruiting the best players in the world.

In 1943, former player Santiago Bernabéu became the club’s president. He also became one of the vice presidents of the first European Cup. On June 13 that year, Real Madrid won its first Cup — the first of five in a row. This string of titles was largely due to the contributions of one of soccer’s great icons, Alfredo Di Stéfano. This player started out at Millionarios, and Real Madrid managed to sign him.

It is true that no other club has managed to match Real Madrid’s feats. It is the only one with a world record of six European Cups. By its 50th anniversary, the team had won more cups than Ligas, an impressive feat.

The generation of the 1980s was dominated by the “Quinta del Buitre.” At that time, the club was led by Emilio Butragueño, who turned the team into one of the best in history. A new golden era would begin; they were once again European champions, and not only once. They won 3 Champions League titles in only five years.
Real Madrid has also had critical moments in its history. When the civil war broke out, its sporting activities suffered a hard blow, like all Spanish teams at the time. It also came close to facing relegation during the 1946 – 1947 season. Fortunately, this did not happen.

The Real Madrid — FC Barcelona Rivalry

In 1943, in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, these two renowned teams faced each other. However, one of them was left with its morale very low. In the second leg, Real Madrid eliminated their rivals by a historic score of 11 – 0. From then on, the rivalry between the two, which already existed, was consolidated as an eternal dispute.

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

This is the stadium where the team trains and is one of the largest in the country. Its name pays tribute to the legendary former player and coach of the club, Santiago Bernabeú.

This stadium has a capacity of 81,000 spectators. However, an estimated 80% of the capacity is occupied by Real Madrid members — the rest is sold to the general public.

Real’s supporters’ stand is the FANS RMCF. It was born in the spirit of the thousands of fans at each match. About 2,000 Madridistas from all over the country are present at every team match.

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Real Madrid Club de Futbol Squad

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