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A professional brand is a banner around which your old and new fans will rally. We start with improving or reinventing your brand and provide high-quality professional design to your team’s logo, as well as your merchandise, social media, and web presence.

Social Media

Your core of supporters will grow, thanks to your new brand's professionally managed social media presence that attracts fans from around the world. We manage and grow your community.

Web & Store

Help your newfound popularity blossom by providing your fans with merchandise which they can wear proudly. We help you design, and set up online platforms to sell your branded merchandise to fans around the world.

Mobile Apps

Give your fans more, with custom mobile apps. Give your die-hard fans a look behind the scenes, special offers, and club-related news through your very own iOS and Android app.


Help your branded presence grow online. Channel your brand's momentum into better content, website, and app rankings, making sure your fans have an easy time finding (and discovering) your team.

PR Outreach

Help your branded presence grow online. Channel your brand's momentum into better content, website, and app rankings, making sure your fans have an easy time finding (and discovering) your team.

Pro Photo & Video

Share the best version of your big moments on the field and off. With a coordinated, professional publicity team of video creators and photographers, you can help your fans experience the excitement of the game through riveting photos and video.


Share the spotlight with influential brands, giving your club additional financial resources. As you make history on the field, we’ll help you find, pitch, close, and maintain sponsors from your backyard, or the other side of the world.


Your fans and supporters love you and want to see you succeed. Why stop them from literally giving you money to do what you do best, play? With our community-building support, technical expertise, and tax optimization services, we can help your growing fanbase donate to you while getting maximum tax breaks and donation benefits.

TV Syndication

The public is clamoring for more, with semi-pro and amateur sports enjoying more attention from a global audience than ever before. Step into the limelight and get syndication broadcasting deals with traditional and online video outlets, sharing your journey with the world, live.

Digital Monetization

With attention comes power. Throw your power behind brands that align with your values, and reap the benefits of being a media powerhouse. We help you structure your advertising offerings to help maximize reach and profit for your club.


Crypto tokens allow your fanbase to own a piece of the brand. They also allow you to monetize your popularity to help build a truly impressive organization. We'll help guide you through creating and launching your own branded token.

CXSports Armory: Branded Equipment and Clothing Line

CXSports Branded Equipment Solves Club’s Supply Chain Woes.

We have developed our own line of sporting equipment, clothes, and merchandise because we know clubs struggle to obtain high-quality and affordable gear. We’ve also built a customizable e-store platform for them to connect with fans. Help your fans show their team colors, get yours today.




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The Sarlat Rugby Story

We rebuilt the Sarlat Rugby club from the ground-up.  We reconnected the club with it’s community roots and met our fans on their turf: on the ground and on social media. By respecting its storied past we helped the team look forward to a future beyond the limits of what anyone thought possible.

CXSports Fan Support Browser Extension

CXSports is completely revolutionizing the way fans can support teams.

We have developed a platform where fans anywhere in the world, can support teams that are meaningful and close to their heart.

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CXSports provides amateur and semi-pro sports clubs with the know-how and resources to create brands, build communities, and ensure self-sustaining revenue streams.

We bring together tools to guide and support clubs through the process of brand reinvention, building in-person and online audiences, and establishing sustainable business practices that help the club grow and expand for years to come.

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What Our Teams Have To Say

Bergerac Périgord FC

We did not hesitate one moment when it came to signing on with ChallengerX. The value proposition was simply too compelling for a team like ours: exponential media distribution, incremental monetization and lasting brand impact. What else could we ask for?

Christophe Fauvel


Sarlat Rugby Team

The ChallengerX platform allowed us to propel our 118 year-old, local rugby brand into the 21st century, and grow from a mere 2000 social media followers to 150,000+ within 8 months, during Covid-19, with no games being played, as well as triple our baseline revenues.

Dom Einhorn


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Instead of struggling to stay afloat, we help you get your brand basics right, build an international community of dedicated fans, and monetize your newfound following. With a solid foundation in marketing and the right tools, you too can exponentially grow your operational budget.