Rayo Vallecano vs Betis | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 16

LaLiga is almost halfway through the season, and the outlook is far from clear. There are surprises in every matchday that make us realize that it is still too early to pick a winner or pigeonhole a team in any position on the table. In this Rayo Vallecano vs Betis match, victory could provide more stability or even mean getting closer to that dream position.

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Vallecas Stadium to Host Rayo Vallecano vs Betis 2022

Betis Seems to Be Slowly Slipping Out of the Top Places, Will It Be Able to Hold On to Its Position?

Betis started with fury in a LaLiga season that looked like it could be theirs, at least in part. And right from the get-go, Betis showed that it had what was needed to fight for a title like this and that it undoubtedly nab a spot in the Champions League.

But the competition was very young, and in soccer, anything can happen.

The eighth and ninth games for the Verderones were a hard stop to what they had been doing. A defeat and a draw dropped them a little behind in the table.

Therefore, they must win Rayo Vallecano vs Betis to stay in the fight for third place.

Rayo Vallecano Is Doing Everything It Can to Avoid Dropping Down the Table

This season has been quite hard for Rayo Vallecano, and the demands this season puts on its players on the field are taking their toll.

Every club is at a high level, and they are all fighting for the title and permanence. However, many teams cannot climb the table, no matter how hard they try.

Rayo Vallecano vs Betis will give them a chance to take revenge for those Copa del Rey matches that left them out.

Previous Rayo Vallecano vs Betis

The Copa del Rey would be the scene of the most recent Rayo Vallecano vs Betis match. It took place on February 9, 2022, at the Vallecas stadium and would end in a 2-1 win for Betis.

It was a fairly even match, in essence, and the numbers reflected it. The Verdiblancos had 6 shots on goal, and the Rayistas had 5. The ball passed from team to team almost equally, 47% for Betis and 53% for Rayo. And the accuracy was also almost equal for both clubs, 73% for Verdiblancos and 75% for Rayo.

The match started with the home team shooting an early goal by Álvaro García Rivera off an assist from Belliu, who crossed for his teammate to head the ball in. However, the joy would not last long, and at 26 minutes, Betis started its comeback with a goal by Borja Iglesias from an assist by Nabil Fekir. The score was level at halftime.

The match-deciding goal came in the 68th minute when William Carvalho finished off a pass from Cristian Tello to put his team ahead.

The next Rayo Vallecano vs Betis match was in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinal. This match ended 1-1, although Betis was mostly superior in its gameplay.

The shots on goal were 4 for the Verderones and 1 for the Rayistas. Likewise, the locals had 60% of the possession of the ball against 40% of the visitors. The passing accuracy of both teams was somewhat low, 78% for Betis and 70% for Rayo Vallecano.

In the first half, only the home side had clear chances on goal. Rayo was unable to find space in the opponent’s half. After the second half, Betis‘ attack was even greater, although it was the Franjirrojos who opened the scoreboard.

In the 80th minute of the match, a goal by Tiago Manuel Dias, who scored from a free kick after a foul, put Rayo ahead on the scoreboard. And when it seemed that this was how the match was going to end, a rebounded play was left for Borja Iglesias to finish without any chance of clearance.

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Prediction for Rayo Vallecano vs Betis

Expect this Rayo Vallecano vs Betis match to end in either a 2-0 or 2-1 win for Rayo.

Hit the bet now button to win with this prediction, or check out our other football predictions for more chances to win.

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

08 Jan, 16:15 La Liga
Rayo Vallecano Predictions
Rayo Vallecano
Real Betis Predictions
Rayo Vallecano Predictions
Rayo Vallecano Spain
08 Jan, 16:15 La Liga Bet Now
Betis Spain
Real Betis Predictions

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