Rayo Vallecano vs Cádiz | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 11

This game is now over. If you are looking for the next time Rayo Vallecano and Cadiz face off, check out our Cadiz vs Rayo Vallecano prediction.

The competition is already taking shape, the facets of the clubs are showing, those that surprise, those that disappoint and those that shine. It is, undoubtedly, a competition that is demanding a lot from all those who are in it. Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz will be at this point and the way things are going almost a David vs Goliath. Neither of the two are favorites to win LaLiga, but one of them stands out and not exactly positively. We will tell you the reasons for our assertion so that your bet is safe.

Rayo Vallecano Predictions
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We tell you more about Rayo and Cadiz

Rayo, it’s hard for them but they push until the end. They go all out for Rayo Vallecano vs Cádiz

From Rayo Vallecano de Madrid we have seen the pains and glories this season. Their first matches were: a draw against Barcelona that did not finish to start their engines. A win against Espanyol, which is going from stumble to stumble. And a win against Mallorca that made them react a bit from where they were.

They have also failed to stand out with their game, which does not stand out or excite. For the fifth date of the competition, the same goals conceded were the ones they had conceded. So the goal average does not play in their favor either. They must stand firm in order to get the matches right in order to counteract the teams that follow in their footsteps. Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz will be a golden opportunity to add three points to the scoreboard.

Cadiz’s odyssey, a Spanish tragedy

What Cádiz Club de Fútbol has been going through is a real nightmare. They have not been able to wake up from the fog that has plunged them into the depths of the table. The agony of seeing the imminent relegation of their team is something with which their players take the field game after game in which they have achieved nothing.

They have experienced horrible defeats, while -until their match against F. C. Barcelona- they had not even managed to score one. This demoralizes anyone, but their squad must react or there will be nothing to do even in the games to come. They still have time to do something and fight for at least a place in the relegation places.

It is not easy what is coming for this team, but facing a team thirsty for points in Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz will be a battle they must fight and do everything to win.

When did these two meet? Last Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz

Some time ago already saw a meeting like this but in LaLiga Smart Bank of the Second Division of Spain, in which these teams disputed. It was on June 14, 2020, in a relatively even match that ended with a 1-1 verdict with goals from Óscar Trejo (Rayo) and Álvaro Giménez (Cádiz).

More than two years separate these two matches and much has changed. Cádiz is in agony and Rayo is fighting. It is to be expected that things will not turn out the same way.

The predictions for this match are clear, who has the upper hand?

With almost no scoring chances created, with a defense that looks like a sieve, attackers that seem to fear the goal, it is practically impossible to position Cadiz as a possible winner. Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz, will be at the Vallecas Stadium, with all the winds in favor of the locals to get a convincing victory.

The score that we can visualize is a 2 – 0 leaving Cadiz again without the possibility of scoring. Now that you know all this, you can press the betting button and place your bet!

Upcoming matches: 

Matchday 12 is coming up, with Cadiz vs Atletico on one side, and on the other, Rayo Vallecano going to Sevilla off a bad start to the season. 

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

22 Oct, 14:00 La Liga
Rayo Vallecano Predictions
Rayo Vallecano
Cadiz CF Predictions
Rayo Vallecano Predictions
Rayo Vallecano Spain
22 Oct, 14:00 La Liga Bet Now
Cádiz Spain
Cadiz CF Predictions

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