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Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 17

The good and beautiful thing about LaLiga is that it always gives opportunities for revenge, it may take some time, but it comes. Teams have the opportunity, if they remain, year after year to look in the face of the rival that defeated them or the one they beat but made them suffer and go for more. Soccer is a spectacle with memory and that’s what even predictions are about, keeping an eye on the past and the present to guess a possible future. Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano will meet after two years without coinciding in the First Division of Spanish soccer and it will be an excellent match.

Real Valladolid CF LaLiga Predictions
Valladolid Spain
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Rayo Vallecano LaLiga 2022 Predictions

En el José Zorrilla será el encuentro Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano del 14 – 01 – 23

Valladolid seems to be gaining strength and clinging to permanence

Valladolid returns to LaLiga after a season away having finished #19 in the 2020 – 21 season. This only served as an impetus for them to fight for a return to the First Division of Spanish soccer. In this back and forth they will meet an old rival, in Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano both will measure forces, again who will win?

For Rayo Vallecano, relegation is not in their plans.

Tasting relegation is not good for any team. After tasting the sweetness of the Spanish soccer elite, being relegated back to a lower category is not good for anyone. Therefore, once this happens and they manage to recover, teams cling with all their strength to the place that will allow them another year in LaLiga, this is a reality for the Rayistas. Who in an upcoming date will meet in the Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano with whom they are on a par within the competition.

Previous Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano inside and outside of LaLiga

These two teams will only recently meet again on the field in LaLiga, as Valladolid did not compete in the 2020 – 2021 season and Rayo Vallecano failed to do so in the 2019 – 2020 season, two consecutive seasons in which the teams would have had only friendlies to measure themselves as equals.

They recently played a friendly at the José Zorrilla of Valladolid, which would end in a 3 – 1 in favor of the locals who managed to dominate at all times to Rayo Vallecano.

Within LaLiga, the closest match Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano dates back to 12 – 05 – 2019, a match that took place at the Estadio de Vallecas and that would end up winning the Albivioletas in with 2 – 1 in a surprising result. The ball spent almost the entire match between the feet of the Rayistas, with 71% ball control, while the Albivioletas contained it only 29%.

Likewise, the passes that each team managed to complete gave Rayo Vallecano superiority, who achieved 86% of success in them, compared to 57% for Valladolid. However, the shots on goal were quite even, making clear Valladolid’s ability to score on the smallest of opportunities, with Rayo Vallecano scoring 6 times and Rayo Vallecano 5 times.

The first goal came early, at minute 6, when Abdoulaye Ba swept Segi Guardiola inside the area, which ended in a penalty kick. Ener Unal was in charge of the penalty and put the Albivioletas ahead in this Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano match. That’s how the first half ended, with the visitors winning by the minimum.

Ahead in the second half came Rayo Vallecano’s goal with Álvaro Medrán heading in Álvaro García’s pass to give the home side the equalizer. However, Sergi Guardiola would seal the match in the 80th minute. He received a deep pass from Enes Unal and alone would get into the spaces of the rival sending an unstoppable goal.

Predictions for Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano 2023

While these teams are evenly matched in the mid-table fight, there is one team that stands out a bit more in their performance so far this season. The possibility of the Valladolid vs Rayo Vallecano score ending 2 – 1 or 1 – 0 in favor of Rayo Vallecano is high.

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Upcoming matches

Valladolid will play against Atletico in one of their toughest matches. And Rayo Vallecano vs Real Sociedad.

14 Jan, 00:00 La Liga
Real Valladolid CF LaLiga Predictions
Rayo Vallecano LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Rayo Vallecano

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