Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 12

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The competition of the elite of Spanish soccer began like a whirlwind for many of the clubs that dispute it. We can see how some teams that are accustomed to placing at the top of the table are suffering at the bottom of the table. Also, how others that have even debated between relegation and return to the First Division are running with more luck than the previous ones. Soccer is about planning, consistency, cool mind, determination, if these things fail in the squad or team management, there will be no result on the pitch. Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano, is an example of this, we will tell you more…

Sevilla FC LaLiga Predictions
Sevilla Spain
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Rayo Vallecano Spain
Rayo Vallecano Predictions

Mid-table is congested, Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano play a game to move away from the chaos

Sevilla show a glimmer that they can get back in the race for LaLiga

Sevilla’s start to the season has been embarrassing, pitiful and regrettable. A team that has been among the best in Spain for several seasons now, and has been in the Champions and Europa League, to show a spectacle like this start is fatal. The name of this club has resounded among the main sports tabloids of Europe and not positively.

Their first few games have been embarrassing and simply did not give them a way out of the mire. A draw and two defeats were the results of their first three matches. And we highlight the fact that two of their rivals against whom they lost are doing even worse than them. It is hard to believe the level presented by the Sevillian team, far below what any team should give in the First Division, especially one of their stature.

On the other hand, in their fifth and sixth matchdays they showed that they could give more, that Sevilla, which enchants with its soccer in Spain and Europe in general, is still there and can wake up. Matches like Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano are the opportunity for the Andalusian team to show its worth.

Rayo is located so far in a place that is usual for them, should they be satisfied?

It is nothing new for the Rayistas not to occupy the top positions in the LaLiga table. In fact, their permanence in the First Division has not been stable throughout the previous seasons. In the 2018 – 2019 season it was returning to play first division matches, however, in that same season it fell back to the second division. It would only return to rub shoulders with the best in Spain last season, where it finished in the position it occupied on the sixth day of the current season.

The club is trying to comply with the minimum, which is not to be relegated again to LaLiga Smart Bank. But this is not the underlying intention either. They have tried to strengthen their squad to face what the competition is demanding and manage to win and add up. Their goal average until the match against Athletic was just -1, something perfectly reversible. Maybe during this Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano?

The club knows that it must take advantage of any club that is in trouble and can hurt them. As such, they will be looking for a win in Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano.

The games we have enjoyed Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano in the past season.

Both clubs crossed their squads during the 2021 – 2022 games. The first one was on August 15, 2021, and ended in 3 x 0 in favor of Sevilla, Youssef En-Nesyri and Erik Lamela scored. On the next occasion, the score ended 1-1 with goals from Thomas Delaney and Tiago Manuel Dias Correia.

These are the predictions that we bring for you for this Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano.

Come on, we have been able to see what has been of each team so far this season, as well as their performance in previous games. We can approach to think of two possible outcomes a draw 2 – 2 or a victory of Rayo Vallecano 2 – 0 Sevilla.

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Next matches:

Matchday 13 continues, and we’re almost to the break. Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid should be an easy task for Madrid. If, on the other hand, you support Sevilla, The Clasico vs Betis will be difficult. 

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29 Oct, 18:30 La Liga
Sevilla FC LaLiga Predictions
Rayo Vallecano Predictions
Rayo Vallecano
Sevilla FC LaLiga Predictions
Sevilla Spain
29 Oct, 18:30 La Liga Bet Now
Rayo Vallecano Spain
Rayo Vallecano Predictions

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