Mallorca vs Atlético | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 14

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Since this season’s LaLiga has kicked off, we’ve been treated to some spectacular matches and watching the growth of some clubs has been one of the main attractions. Not to mention the delight of seeing exceptional clubs do great things or stumble like never before. Mallorca vs Atletico portrays two very different clubs, with one that is improving at such a rate that you can see the difference in every game, while the other brings a lifetime of majesty and is now seeing its path getting complicated. You should not miss a match like this; it will undoubtedly leave us with a soccer lesson in perseverance.

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Matchday 14 Will Be the Setting for the Mallorca vs Atletico

Mallorca Is Dreaming of a Third Consecutive Season in Laliga Next Year

Mallorca arrived in 2019 with dreams of competing against the elite of Spanish soccer. But it saw its dreams tarnished after its first attempt as it faced relegation immediately.

However, when it returned to the second division for the 2020-21 season, it did not falter, and gave everything to rescue what it had lost. The 2021 – 2022 season would see Mallorca return to LaLiga Santander with a lot of momentum to continue this time.

They closed the season with 39 points out of 114, 10 games won, 9 drawn, and 19 lost. 36 goals for, 63 against and a goal difference of -27. They finished 16th in the standings but achieved their goal of holding on for a second season. And now they are going for more.

This season is very tight, and the clubs are proving that the minimum is not enough; you have to give everything. By the seventh game played by the Mallorquinistas, they had only two wins, two draws, and three defeats. This left them with just eight points to their name which, for now, has kept them far enough away from the relegation places. 

Mallorca vs Atletico could mean the difference between slowly sinking or securing a third year in the Primera Division.

The Road, Although an Old Acquaintance, Is Not an Easy One for Atletico

For Atlético, playing in LaLiga and enjoying the benefits of the top places is not at all alien to them. They have made history for many years within this competition and continue to do so in a certain way.

In their last few seasons in the First Division, they have consistently finished in the top three. And in the 2020-21 season, they were crowned champions.

They have the experience to recognize how profitable a matchday like Mallorca vs Atletico can be, and this does not happen overnight. Atletico has a brilliant squad capable of great achievements, as they have shown, but they need to break free from the shackles that have anchored them this season. They have not had a terrible season, but it is not their best either.

Once we add to this the commitment of their close rivals to winning LaLiga or at least staying in the top places, things get even more complicated for them.

Prediction for Mallorca vs Atlético [09/11/22]

The first division of Spanish soccer leaves no room to breathe; either you start with everything you’ve got, or you get left behind. Many teams know this from hard-won experiences when they’ve dropped the proverbial ball and struggled to make it back up.

Mallorca vs Atletico is an ideal opportunity for the two clubs since, given their respective situations, a victory would fit them like a glove.

We can predict a 2-1 victory for the Colchoneros, or a 1-1 draw. In any case, expect a reasonably close score, given each team’s dynamics on the field.

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LaLiga Matchday 15: 

The championship resumes after the Qatar World Cup Final, with Atletico Madrid vs Elche and Mallorca who has an important game in Getafe

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Mallorca predictions
Atletico Madrid Predictions
Mallorca predictions
Mallorca Spain
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Atlético Spain
Atletico Madrid Predictions

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