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Elche vs Girona | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 14

There is no turning back; there is no new beginning. The only thing left to do this LaLiga season is to look ahead and see what can be salvaged in the remainder of the competition. Sadly, three teams that play in the first division today will be left out of the league dream tomorrow. So who will they be? It is still too early to say, but some are already shaping up for this terrible fate. Elche vs Girona will be a match that will indicate who stays and who goes. They must fight until the end because the dates are advancing, and second chances are running out.

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The Matchday 14 Elche vs Girona Game Marks a Decisive Moment

Elche Is Suffering as It Lags Behind

Elche Football Club has been having a tough time before this Elche vs Girona, since their promotion back to the first division of Spanish football, a rise that occurred in the 2020-21 season after five years out of LaLiga.

And, although they were perilously close to falling back to the second division after ending that first season in 17th place, they managed to hold on. This isn’t the worst achievement for a team that had just begun competing with the best clubs in the world after a long time in the lower divisions.

Last season Elche experienced a remarkable improvement, finishing in 13th place after collecting 42 out of 114 point up for grabs from 11 wins, 9 draws, and 18 losses. They scored 40 goals and conceded 52, leaving them with a -12 goal balance. It is not a very remarkable record for a first division team, but it was useful for this club that was only into its second round in LaLiga.

However, this season has been a catastrophe for the Ilicitano club, and it has only picked up 1 point from a draw on the second day of the competition. With this mess unfolding and the team failing to improve, coach Francisco Rodríguez Vílchez found himself out of a job before a replacement had been found. His position was left vacant at that time.

The future of Elche is uncertain, the boys are doing their best, as in the match against Rayo Vallecano that they started winning until their lack of cohesion prevented them from closing the score.

So in Elche vs Girona it is true that they must go for everything. There is no other option for the club that isn’t practically saying goodbye to LaLiga with only a third of the season’s games completed.

Girona Is Aiming to Climb up the Table

Girona hasn’t exactly done wonderfully this season. Far from it. Their first three games were two losses and just one win. And ahead of their seventh game, this didn’t improve much, with the team only collecting one more win and a draw versus four devastating defeats.

However, their performance has been somewhat better than their opponent coming up to this Elche vs Girona.

Indeed, they played a remarkable match against Real Sociedad, where both teams fought for every goal they scored. Real started winning at minute 8, but at minute 23, Rodrigo Riquelme scored a goal for the home team. Then, at minute 27, they would go up 2-1 with a goal by Amau Martínez before the game was equalized to 2-2 at minute 42. At minute 48′ it would be the third goal for the Gironins. However, Real Sociedad’s ball control to generate plays and precision was greater, and two more goals would come from them to seal the match, at minute 71 and at minute 85.

This has been one of Girona‘s most outstanding matches, showing that they had the means to overpower the rival and hurt them. But the overconfidence that comes from being ahead on the scoreboard always plays dirty tricks.

Prediction for Elche vs Girona, LaLiga 2022

The Gironins are gaining strength as the games tick over, and that is the major difference separating them from their opponent this November 09. 

Therefore, Elche vs Girona will surely see the visitors scoring all the goals, and will likely end with Girona 3 – 1 Elche.

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LaLiga Matchday 15: 

The championship resumes after the Qatar World Cup Final, with Girona vs Rayo Vallecano and Elche who has nothing to lose at Atletico Madrid’s ground. 

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