Almería vs Getafe | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 14

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Another round of LaLiga is approaching, and some teams are gearing up for one hot competition! Others, however, no matter how hard they try, are unable to advance. Unfortunately, one you get a bad start to the season in a competition like this, it’s hard to put pieces back together, even if you manage to pick them up. Still, there there isn’t a whole lot separating Almeria vs Getafe, and one lucky break in one match could make all the difference. Soccer may not be entirely fair at times, and sometimes it’s cruel, but it’s a spectacle.

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When Laliga Matchday #14 Begins, Almeria vs Getafe Takes Off

Almeria’s Chances of Advancing in LaLiga Are Looking Increasingly Remote

It has been a tortuous season for Almeria, and good results are starting to look increasingly unattainable as it progresses. It is terrible to see a team that worked so hard to get to the First Division now finding themselves at the bottom of the table so early in the season.

Still, they have done their best, which you can see when they go out onto the field and play every game in search of the necessary points to survive. We saw this fighting spirit when the team beat Sevilla, which, is no small feat. We also saw it when they challenged Osasuna, which has just had one of its best starts in LaLiga in a long time. And we even see it in the face of inevitable defeat, such as against Madrid when the team still managed to find the goal and keep Madrid’s winning margin to a minimum.

These are some of the feats that we can rescue from Unión Deportiva Almería otherwise miserable season.

Fortunately, if they know how to take advantage of the opportunity, there are many games ahead in which it could score some much-needed points on the table. Almeria vs Getafe looks like one such opportunity that is potentially in their reach, so long as they go to the pitch with the right attitude. Also keep in mind that the match will be at the Power Horse Stadium, which is their home!

With No Clear Path, Will Getafe Know How to Take Advantage of Almeria vs Getafe?


Getafe‘s start this season was anything but rosy with a shocking 0-3 against Atlético de Madrid delivering a blow that would mark them for the games to come. And after the death blow they received from Valencia, it seemed even more hopeless.

But they reacted, and two subsequent victories felt like coming back to life after days of agony.

But the joy did not last long, and they lost again on the seventh matchday against Valladolid in a match where they were tied at 1:1 in the 29th minute, then leading 2-1 in the 31st minute. Everything seemed to be going well until only six minutes later, Valladolid tied the game before sealing the match at minute 48.

Despite the loss, the match was relatively even, and if they had closed the defense, it might well have been a very different story.

If they can pull off a win in Almeria vs Getafe, it could mean at least keeping some permanence in LaLiga.

Prediction for the Almeria vs Getafe Match on November 9

Both teams are suffering early in the season and both are in desperate need of success.

Notably, both are having problems at a collective level. It is not only the individual responsibility of the players who take the field; we have to look at the bench, the coaching staff, and all those behind them.

However, with Almeria‘s ability to score practically nullified, Getafe seems to have more chances.

As such, we predict the Almeria vs Getafe match will go in favor of the Azulones by one goal. However, if Quique Sanchez manages to pull off a stroke of tactical brilliance, it could potentially end 2-0.

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LaLiga Matchday 15: 

The championship resumes after the Qatar World Cup Final, with Getafe vs Mallorca and Almeria who will be looking for 3 points in Cadiz.

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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UD Almeria Predictions
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UD Almeria Predictions
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Getafe Spain
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