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Wolves vs Manchester United | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 18

The Premier League is not a competition for which all clubs are ready. They may well get promoted and fight for a worthy position in it, but it is a goal that, unfortunately, not all of them achieve. Year after year three of the clubs that were part of the elite of English soccer say goodbye to this feat. We will see the Wolves vs Manchester United with a lot of passion, where the dream of the First Division does not end, nor the dream of reaching the great European competitions.

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Wolves vs Manchester United to be played at Molineux Stadium on 31-12-2022

Wolves live the nightmare of every team in every Premiership season.

Wolves cannot find a way to get their game on track to achieve more victories that would allow them one more season in the First Division. The crisis of not finding the formula was such that, on the twelfth day of the season, Wolves found themselves without a Technical Director to guide the team. To date, the club had seven defeats, three draws and only two victories. Having Wolves vs Manchester United at home gives them the opportunity to think about a victory if they can settle down and cool their heads to take the field with the integration of the team.

Manchester United shrouded in controversy looks to be that winning team.

Manchester United is going through a bad moment, they are not on the edge of the Premier League but they are not getting the results they would like and that a club like that should achieve. The club has an excellent squad but they are not managing to get the best out of it. There are problems in the dressing room that even affect one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. Settling internal quarrels could mean the stability of the club to face upcoming matches, such as Wolves vs Manchester United.

Wolves vs Manchester United previews, stats, players and more

The most recent meeting between Wolves and Manchester United was on 03 – 01 – 22 at Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils. The match ended with a 0 – 1 score for the visitors.

Manchester United dominated the ball for most of the match, even though they lost the game, they managed to have 52% of the ball and Wolves 48%. Wolves narrowly outperformed in pass completion with 81% compared to 80% for the Red Devils. Shots on goal reflected the dominance of the match and what could have been more chaotic for the home side, Wolves managed 6 shots on goal while United only had 2 chances.

What looked like it was going to end in a draw for the clubs due to the little concrete movement of the teams in reaching the opposing goals would change in the 82nd minute of the match. The midfielder João Moutinho would seal the match in a 1 – 0 for the visitors.

Predictions for Wolves vs Manchester United 2022

This Wolves vs Manchester United matchday #18 could end with a 1 – 0 or 2 – 0 for the red devils. The game at home is a point in favor, even if they have already failed there against this same team. The performance of both combined in the season says a lot and the Wolves are somewhat lost.

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Upcoming matches

On Premier League date #19 the clashes of these clubs will be Wolves vs Aston Villa and Manchester United vs Bournemouth, the Red Devils looking to stand out.

31 Dec, 00:00 English Premier League
Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier 22-23 Predictions
Manchester United EPL Predictions
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