Manchester United vs Bournemouth | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 19

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The Premier League does not give truces to any club and intentions are not enough, unfortunately. None of the clubs playing in this competition are looking to settle for permanence, that is not the spirit of the English Premier League. Every team sweats until the end to give their best. In this Manchester United vs Bournemouth we will see this winning spirit in both clubs, who will be looking to give their best until the end.

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Manchester United vs Bournemouth 2023 to be played at Old Trafford

Manchester United is slowly regaining strength and trying to get back in the Champions League places

Manchester United seems to be determined to break with the bad comments against them for their performance in this competition and others. They look with a different brightness that leaves accounts that can turn the story around, they are still a good chance. For this reason, and knowing that it is a golden opportunity to get three points, the victory at home in Manchester United vs Bournemouth must be a resounding one.

Bournemouth stumble badly and fail to climb the table

What seemed to be a regular Bournemouth advance, where although they had defeats to their credit, wins and draws were more. Up to their thirteenth game played, the last three would have been defeats. On top of that, they are carrying a considerable load of goals against, which does not favor them when it comes to their position in the standings. They will soon play Manchester United vs Bournemouth and it will be another tough test for the club.

Previous Manchester United vs Bournemouth. Statistics, goals, protagonists

The most recent Manchester United vs Bournemouth game took place on 04 – 07 – 20 and ended in an exciting 5 – 2 in favor of the Red Devils. The ball was by far dominated by Manchester United with 70% ball possession compared to the 30% that Bournemouth managed to control.

In terms of accuracy, the home side were on target with 88% of all the passes they generated during the match, while the visitors were on target with 75% of the passes they created. The Red Devils shot at the opponent’s net 10 times and were fortunate on 5 occasions. The Cherries had 3 shots on goal and were successful on 2 of them.

They would open the scoring in the 15th minute of the match, midfielder Stanislas would get an assist from J. King to give Bournemouth an early lead. The discount would not take long to arrive, in the 29th minute midfielder M. Greenwood would be assisted by Bruno Fernandes to put both teams on equal terms.

In the 31st minute J. Lerma would commit a foul that would be sentenced with a penalty. In the 35th minute, Rashford would take the penalty and put Manchester United on top on the scoreboard. Just before the break, at 45′ + 2′ A. Martial would receive an assist from Bruno Fernandes to end the first half comfortably, Manchester United vs Bournemouth was 3 – 1 on the scoreboard.

It was not until the second half that the Cherries looked to reduce the gap on the scoreboard, J. King would kick a penalty in their favor and send it into De Gea’s net. The joy would not last long, and in the 54th minute, midfielder M. Greenwood would rebound a ball from N. Matić to make it 4 – 2 in favor of the Red Devils. This would not be all, in the 59th minute of the match Bruno Fernandes, who had already created scoring chances, made his own goal to seal a 5 – 2 win in this Manchester United vs Bournemouth.

Upcoming games Matchday 20 English Premier League

On matchday #20 of the Premier League, Manchester United vs Manchester City will take place, in what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest matches of the beginning of the year. And Brentford vs Bournemouth.

Predictions for Manchester United vs Bournemouth 03 – 01 – 23

Of the last five Manchester United vs Bournemouth matches that have been played, four have been wins for the Red Devils and one win for the Cherries. It is possible that this early meeting will end up benefiting the home side again, the final score could be 3 – 1 or 3 – 0.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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Manchester United predictions
Manchester United
Bournemouth Predictions Premier League
Manchester United predictions
Manchester United England
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Bournemouth England
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