West Ham vs Leicester | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 16

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The Premier League matchday #16 brings us yet another exciting day of action-packed games. This time we have a match between two teams that are not having a lot of luck in this season’s EPL. The competition has been challenging, and many of the world’s best clubs are fighting for an advantageous position. This means there’s still a long uphill battle ahead, especially now that several clubs have awoken from their lethargy and are now going all out.

West Ham vs Leicester will be a match of survival, as the bottom of the table is slowly swallowing them whole. Which one will be able to get out of it alive? Here we’ll give you all the details you need to place your bets.

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London’s Olympic Stadium Will Be the Venue for This West Ham vs Leicester Game

West Ham’s Wins Have Delivered Some Respite, but Its Breathing Room Is Minimal

What West Ham is going through right now is not at all pleasant as it receives a rude reminder that no team can rest on its laurels from past seasons.

And with plenty of competition ahead of them, they must stay aware that the other teams are still racking up the points as they join the fight for a place at the top. Therefore, they must act now to make room for themselves and, at the very least, fight to avoid relegation.

At the eighth matchday played, with one match pending because it was postponed due to a national holiday, West Ham only had two victories to its credit. One was against Aston Villa, whom they beat 1-0. The second was against the Wolves, whom they knocked out with a 2-0 victory, allowing the team to breathe after having been at the bottom of the table until then.

But this competition is proving difficult to predict, at least in the lower tables. No club wants to suffer relegation, and they are all fighting hard in every game.

West Ham vs Leicester is an opportunity at home against an opponent that is not on a good run either. Knowing how to take advantage of these encounters with clubs in similar situations can be the Hammers’ way out of total chaos and get closer to what they were the last two seasons.

Leicester’s Lack of Progress Is Hitting Them Hard

Leicester is going through its worst moment in a long time. It has yet to find its place in this year’s EPL due to the high level, which could leave any team behind. Competing in the First Division of English soccer requires hard work. Now sustaining that position is even more complicated.

Leicester, as of its eighth game this season, had only managed one victory in the last game it played. It was against Nottingham Forest, whom they managed to beat 4-0, with goals coming from James Maddison (x2), Harvey Barnes, and Patson Daka. These goals even helped them avoid the last position at the end of the match, which just so happened to be occupied by the opponent of that match.

The Foxes’ defensive lapses were serious, they had conceded 22 goals against Nottingham, and although they had managed to score 14 goals, the goal average was already very much against them. In this West Ham vs Leicester match, they must take advantage of the attacking lines but contain the back line so that the opponent does not cause damage.

Prediction for West Ham vs Leicester, November 12

The individual situations of each club varies a little, but not by much. West Ham has had better accuracy when scoring, and a better defense. 

On the other hand, Leicester has the impetus to achieve victories and the arrival of its strikers to mark the opponents. It is possible that this West Ham vs Leicester match ends in a draw at either 1-1 or 2-2, however, there are slim odds of a victory for Leicester at 2-1.

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West Ham Predictions EPL
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West Ham Predictions EPL
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