Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 14

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The English Premier League is perhaps the most demanding league in world soccer. Its ability to host the best clubs in the world, which in turn have the best players in the world, makes competing there very difficult. It is no easy task for any club, even for those that play season after season.

Each year’s achievements change as new teams emerge that can fight for first place after each season. And then some clubs get the short end of the stick and are beaten down by the tide of teams that show up at every match without any intention of showing mercy.

Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest is a manifesto of these two types of clubs. But which one will forge ahead and leave its rival in the dust?

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Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest Will Be an Uneven Match but One That Could Surprise

Arsenal Have Decided to Kick off the Premiership with All Guns Blazing

Arsenal has certainly kicked off the season in style. It has undoubtedly been one of the best starts the club has shown in many seasons, and what they have been doing is mind-blowing with the level of competition that this 2022-23 Premier League season brings.

Thus, to achieve what the Gunners have achieved so far is phenomenal. In fact, by their seventh matchday, they had only experienced one defeat, and that was at the hands of Manchester United, which ended 3-1.

By their eighth matchday, with a match suspended due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, they had accumulated six victories in seven games played. They overcame clubs such as Crystal Palace, Leicester, Bournemouth, Fulham, Aston Villa, and Brentford. And they achieved this with an incredible goal-scoring streak, having managed to score 17 goals to opponents and conceding only 7. This has left them with a positive balance of 10 goals for their goal average to help them stay at the top of the table.

The Gunners will now be looking to continue to add to their tally in the build-up to Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest. So expect them to come in strong up against opponents who, for now, don’t look like they can meet the standard.

Nottingham Forest Have Struggled to Find Their Feet This Premiership Season

Starting from nothing to compete in the top flight against the best teams in the world is by no means easy. As such, Nottingham Forest is experiencing first-hand the disadvantages of being a small club among giants. In seven games, they had only managed one win against a West Ham side they are rubbing shoulders with at the bottom of the table.

Besides this lone victory, they have faced strong teams such as Tottenham, who beat them 0-2, and Manchester City, against whom it was their worst defeat, conceding six goals and not being able to score any.

These circumstances meant that after seven games, Nottingham Forest only had 4 points out of a possible 21, pegging it to the bottom of the table.

Now, they must do their best to take points in Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest and move as far away from the relegation zone as possible.

The Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest Precedent, Could the Result Be Repeated?

Surprisingly, the Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest match that took place on January 9 in round 3 of the FA cup ended with a victory for the Forest team. And even if it was by the slimmest of margins at 1-0, it was a victory nonetheless.

The hero of the match was Lewis Graham, who scored the lone goal of the match for his team.

However, while the precedent has been set, the match on October 30, 2022, will be played at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home, and points in favor of the home team winning.

Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest, Matchday 14 Prediction

The cards have been dealt, and although soccer always surprises us and what matters in the end is the result, everything seems to indicate that there is no possible victory for Nottingham in Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest. The final result of this match will likely be 3-1 in favor of the locals.

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On matchday 15, we bring you Nottingham vs Brentford, and Arsenal against Chelsea which promises to be a great game. 

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Arsenal EPL Predictions
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Nottingham Forest
Arsenal EPL Predictions
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Nottingham Forest England
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