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Union Sportive Chancelade Marsac 24

USCM24’s history begins all the way back on May 18, 1962, according to official documents recovered from the prefecture. At the time, it was born as F.C. Chancelade.

In May 1978 FC Chancelade entered into an agreement with La Gerbe which, after ten years before resulted in the creation of L’Union Sportive Chanceladaise.”

Over the course of several years, the club continued to evolve and it soon found itself with four senior teams and nearly 100 young people in the football school.

The successes during the years were numerous and varied, with the club’s firsts team even making it to an “honor promotion.” This only helped build the momentum of the club which, at one point, counted over 250 playing members across the 18 teams that it had at the time.

Unfortunately, the club met with a tragic event in June of 1991, when a player died during a final in the departmental cup, souring the club’s win which it had secured just minutes before his death. In honor of his memory, the club now commemorates the fallen player every 10 years.

In the years that followed, results became much more “sawtoothed,” partly due to players resting a little too much on the club’s laurels. This unfortunately resulted in the club losing a little of the prestige that it had built up over the years.

Come 2017, US Chancelade entered into a new agreement with the Amicale Laïque de Marsac sur l’Isle, and come June 2019 a merger resulted in the formation of the club as it is known today: Union Sportive Chancelade Marsac 24 (USCM24).

Since 2017, the club has been chaired by Patrick Dubois (former president of A-L Marsac) with Laurent Latour as club secretary and communication director. Together, they form a passionate and dynamic team who are driven to improve the club’s facilities, rebuild its soccer school, and maybe even bring about the possibility of the team rising back to the regional level and beyond.

This year in the French Cup, the USCM24’s first team managed to go to the 4th round, a first for over 20 years, only to be taken out by a Regional 1 team, and its senior reserve team is currently competing in the departmental cup.

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