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Nottingham Forest FC: Honors, Managers, and Premier League Return

Nottingham Forest FC History and Highlights.

Nottingham Forest FC is a historic club with a rich history and a bright future that will play in the Premier League in the 2022-23 season. It is a club that any football fan should know about.

Here we’ll look at some of the highlights in the club’s history.

Nottingham Forest FC History

While Nottingham was able to win the FA Cup in 1898 and 1959, the first seventy years of the 1900s were not a very successful period for the club. However, that all started to change in the 1970s.

The Clough-Taylor Golden Years

Nottingham Forest’s most successful years were the Brian Clough and Peter Taylor era of the late 1970s and 80s. In particular, the Taylor years were the most fruitful.

Peter Taylor Years

During Peter Taylor’s time as manager, Nottingham Forest FC won the following:

  • 1976-77 Anglo Scottish Cup
  • 1977-78 Football League Cup
  • 1978-79 European Cup
  • 1978-79 Football League Cup Winners
  • 1979-80 European Cup Winners

Brian Clough Years

Clough took over as manager when Taylor stepped down in 1982 and remained in that role until 1992. During his tenure, the team won the League Cup in 1988 and 1990, but it was never able to approach Taylor’s success.

The golden years finally came to an end in 1993. That year they ended up being one of the first clubs in the new era of top-flight football to be demoted once that season’s results were in. This relegation was despite Clough’s Nottingham Forest FC winning the first ever live Premier League game against Liverpool.

Flip-flopping Demise

The following years saw mixed results as Nottingham went through a series of promotions and relegations.

While it gained promotion shortly after its 1993 relegation and even reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup in 1995-96, it was relegated from Premier League again the following year. This year would mark the conclusion of Forest’s participation in the European competition.

Over the two seasons following this, Forest would again earn promotion only to face immediate relegation in 1999. This would be their final season in the Premier League for a long time.

The Descent Continues

After facing relegation to the second division in 1999, Forest continues to struggle both on the field and financially. These struggles eventually culminated in a further relegation to the third division after the 2004-05 season, making forest the first European Cup winner to sink so low.

Management Woes

Financial struggles and poor results resulted in the club churning through 21 managers in a little under a decade, with their bosses having laughably brief reigns, which made the team a source of amusement.

Rebuilding into the Modern Era

After facing relegation to the third division in 2005, Forest regained a foothold in the second division in 2008, where they would remain for fourteen more years.

The team’s climb back to Premier League football wouldn’t happen until 2022, when Forest defeated Huddersfield Town 1-0 in the Championship finals.

Current Owner

Currently, Greek billionaire and media industry mogul Evangelos Marinakis owns the club.

Major Championship Cups

Some of their major achievements for Nottingham Forest FC include winning:

  • Four Football League Cups
  • Two European Cups
  • Two FA Cups
  • One UEFA Super Cup

First FA Cup Win

The first time Nottingham Forest won the FA Cup was in front of a crowd of 62,000 people at Crystal Palace, where they defeated Derby County by a score of 3-1. This success came six years after the club initially joined the league.

Harry Hallam was the driving force behind Forest’s first ever FA Cup success.

Nottingham Forest Trivia

Rivalry with Derby County

Nottingham Forest FC is known for its rivalry with Derby County, which is one of the oldest rivalries in English football.

Team Colors

The red and white colors of the club came from its founders decision to purchase 12 tasseled caps in “Garibaldi Red.” This name was taken from the famous leader of the Italian Redshirts freedom fighters who were active in England then.

Home Ground

Before settling in their current home at City Ground in 1898, the Nottingham Forest Football Club played at various venues, including Trent Bridge, which is now better known as a cricket ground.

Shin Guard Pioneers

They were the first team in the sport’s history to employ shin guards, establishing them as football pioneers.

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