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Valencia vs Betis | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 14

The last matchday before the World Cup is coming up this matchday #14 and it promises to deliver a gem of a match. Of course, this has been the case for every match so far, and none have been a waste or left us disappointed. On the contrary, this LaLiga season has left us wanting to watch every game as the teams suffer every to secure a much-desired spot. Valencia vs Betis will be a very tense and demanding match, as securing a place and ensuring that those called up by the national teams go to the World Cup match with peace of mind is of the utmost importance.

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Valencia vs Betis will take place at the Mestalla, home of the Blanquinegros.

Valencia Will Not Concede an Easy Victory to Their Opponents at Home, They Will Fight for the Three Points

Valencia‘s performance has perhaps not been the best of the clubs so far this season, but we have been able to see their players baring their fangs on the odd occasion.

After all, the squad does not give up after a few minutes of play if they concede a goal, or one that is content and confident. They sweat until the last minute to try to get the best result.

However, by the seventh matchday, their results had not been at all to the liking of Gattuso’s team. They had three wins, one draw, and three defeats to their credit. The Valencia vs Betis might be decisive. 

Their triumphs, each one of them full of pride because it meant the whole squad got to celebrate the glory of a win, were against GironaGetafe to whom they conceded five valuable goals, and Celta Vigo to whom they managed to score three goals, a strong opponent that goes out fighting for life.

They hope not to repeat past disappointments and are taking each victory calmly and each defeat or draw with a cool head. This serves them well and allows room for self-criticism on what to improve in the next game they have to play.

The Valencianistas know that Valencia vs Betis will not be an easy game and that even though they are playing at home, they are facing players who want to reach the Champions League and are doing everything for it.

They have shown some strength with a 4-4-3 lineup that tries to armor the defense while setting up play with the center and forwards to push for goals.

Betis’ Will Not Stop In Its Race to Stay at the Top

Betis have surprised this season, and all their appearances have given us a glimpse at the champion that keeps all the other teams on their toes. 

They have a clear objective this year, to reach the Champions League, and what they had shown until their seventh game was that they could achieve it. Until then, they had five wins and two defeats. They made it three wins out of three against teams like Osasuna, Villarreal, and Girona.

However, their goal scoring record is not the most surprising either, with victories usually coming off the minimum difference on the scoreboard.

On the other hand, their strong defensive lines are on par with their forwards, and their goal average remains positive numbers at 5 goals.

In Valencia vs Betis, they may field a more defensive lineup and a more careful midfield to close spaces for their opponents. It is possible that they will go out with the same lineup used against Osasuna and Villarreal, which is a 4-2-3-3-1.

Prediction for Valencia vs Betis

The level that Betis has shown is clearly superior to that on display by Valencia.

However, we can analyze the results against rival Celta de Vigo, for example, in which Valencia was victorious by far with a 3-0, while Betis left the Balaídos Stadium beaten by 1 goal.

Should Betis be the winner, it would be, again, by the minimum at 2-1, although the odds of a draw in Valencia vs Betis are high, perhaps at 1-1.

LaLiga Matchday 15: 

The championship resumes after the Qatar World Cup Final, with Betis vs Athletic, and Valencia going to Villarreal in a match not to be missed. 

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