Manchester City vs Everton | EPL 22-23 | Week 18

The Premier League has its favorites. And although these vary from season to season, when they begin to shine in the best soccer league in Europe, all eyes are on them. It is not an easy competition to predict, and everyone fights until the bitter end. Undoubtedly, Manchester City vs Everton will be no exception, so expect a duel where both sides will seek to come out on top.

Manchester City Premier League Predictions
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Everton EPL 22-23 Predictions

Manchester City vs Everton to be played at the Etihad Stadium on December 31, 2022

Manchester City Aims to Break through to the Top of the Table

Manchester City has had a spectacular season so far! And we are not only talking to their goal scorer, Erling Haaland, who’s currently the top scorer in the competition. No, we are also talking about the whole team’s performance in every game.

No doubt they will go into Manchester City vs Everton with the confidence that comes from knowing their opponents and the conviction needed to get the win.

Everton Is Suffering as They Fail to Put Themselves Back Together

Lampard’s Everton can’t seem to find the formula needed to get ahead in the mid-table race. They have been left stranded on the side of the road, as their last five games leading into matchday 12 show, with three consecutive defeats and just two victories.

A match like Manchester City vs Everton will be of maximum importance if they are to save their season.

Previous Manchester City vs Everton Matches

Back in November 2021, an exciting Manchester City vs Everton match went down at the Etihad Stadium. The locals would shine in a game that was theirs without complications, taking the victory 3-0.

Possession of the ball played a decisive role in the outcome of the match, with 78% going to Manchester City and only 22% to Everton. Passing accuracy, close to perfection, was 93% for the Citizens and 69% for the Toffees. The attacking ability of the home team also favored City by far, reaching their opponents’ goal on seven occasions, while the Blues only reached City’s once.

In the 44th minute of the match, the scoreboard opened with a Roheem Sterling goal off an assist from Joao Cancelo. At halftime, the score had City in the lead, inviting City to double down and finish the match.

Rodrigo Hernández would score the second goal in the 55th minute. And then, at 86 minutes in, midfielder Bernardo Silva would be in charge of scoring the third goal in this Manchester City vs Everton match.

Following this match, the most recent Everton vs Manchester City game took place in February 2022 at Goodison Park. It ended with a 1-0 victory for the Citizens.

City was once again overwhelming throughout the match with the forcefulness that characterizes them. They dominated the ball 68% of the match, while Everton only had it 32% of the time. Passing accuracy was also far superior, which allowed them to pull ahead on the scoreboard. Their passing accuracy was 88%, while the Blues only managed 76%. With this dynamic, the visitors had eight shots on goal, while the locals only reached the rival’s net twice.

The first half of the match passed without much to comment on. The second half of the match was similar, but almost at the end, Phil Foden came to his team’s rescue to seal a victory.

Also of note is that Everton has not managed to beat City since January 2017. Since that date, every Manchester City vs Everton match has ended in a Citizen victory.

Upcoming games Matchday 19 English Premier League

Next up on 05/01/23 Manchester City play Chelsea, a clash of giants and Everton vs Brighton.

Prediction for Manchester City vs Everton 2022 – 2023

There isn’t really much to debate here. Given previous matches and the relative performance of each club this season, Manchester City vs Everton will definitely favor locals, perhaps with a score of 3-1.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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Manchester City Premier League Predictions
Manchester City
Everton EPL 22-23 Predictions
Manchester City Premier League Predictions
Manchester City England
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Everton England
Everton EPL 22-23 Predictions

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