F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds and Prediction, Baku 2023

While F1 fans have numerous GPs to look forward to in 2023, the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be one that fans won’t want to miss.

Taking place on April 28 – 30, with the race itself scheduled for April 30, the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix could very well prove to be a pivotal race in the 2023 season.

Held in Baku at the Baku City Circuit, this is one of the newer Grand Prix events, having been first introduced in 2017. Since then, it has produced some fantastic scenes and truly iconic moments. And will continue to do so until at least 2024.

The race consists of 51 laps around a 3.730 miles (6.003 km) circuit for a total of 190.170 miles (306.049 km).

Red Bull is the constructor who has enjoyed the most success here, with three wins. However, no drivers have enjoyed continuous success.

The winner last year was current (2022) champion Max Verstappen.

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F1 Azerbaijan GP Information, Analysis

F1 Baku Azerbaijan Grand Prix Conditions

One crucial factor going into any Grand Prix, anywhere in the world, is the weather.

Last year, the wind threatened to cause chaos at this particular GP, with Max Verstappen verbally voicing his concerns about the strong winds during his practice sessions.

While there is always a chance of rain, going from past experience and knowledge of the weather in Baku at this time of year, it will likely be dry and pleasantly warm, with temperatures averaging 22c – 24c.

Rain is, of course, possible. However, if there are any weather disruptions, it will likely be the wind again, even if the event is taking place earlier in the year than it did in 2022.

F1 Azerbaijan GP Who to Watch

While all eyes will of course be on the current champ Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton is another hot favorite for obvious reasons. But every circuit has its particularities, and there are certainly other drivers and constructors worth keeping an eye on at the 2023 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez

Last year, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez finished 2nd behind his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen.

Since then, the Mexican has continued to look incredibly sharp and finished solidly in the 2022 F1 season. And don’t forget — Perez is no stranger to success on this course, as he actually picked up the win in 2021.

No matter what happens, Perez will be very happy with his 2022 season with Red Bull and will be looking to go one better in Baku by taking the victory.

Charles LeClerc

This young Ferrari driver is another to have had an exceptionally impressive in 2022 season. And he is still being tipped as a title contender for 2023.

At the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, LeClerc went into the race 2nd place overall and was sitting in Pole position. However, his vehicle suffered a mechanical issue on lap 21, and he had to retire from the race.

Mercedes and Red Bull

As far as constructors go, both Red Bull and Mercedes are worth keeping an eye on, with both being strong contenders this year.

With Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez looking so impressive, and with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes showing great composure and hunger for success, both constructors are worth watching.

Next F1 Race

After Baku, drivers fly to America for one of the most interesting GPs of the year, the F1 Miami GP!

Prediction for F1 Azerbaijan GP in 2023

Despite Max Verstappen being a favorite, we’re going with a Sergio Perez win here. The Mexican won in 2021, finished 2nd in 2022, and comes into 2023 off the back of one his best seasons ever.

For 2nd place, we’re going with Ferrari’s LeClerc, as he will be looking to make sure he doesn’t get a repeat of last year’s unfortunateness.

And for 3rd, we’re going with Hamilton of Mercedes. He won here in 2018 and will be looking to rack up as many points as possible as he chases that elusive 8th title.

As for Constructors, we’re going with Red Bull, as both Verstappen and Perez have looked incredible in 2022. Mercedes will be their biggest threat, though you can never count out Ferrari, especially if LeClerc performs.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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