Dortmund vs Newcastle Prediction and Odds Date 04

The second round of the group stage matches is now beginning, each place has been hard fought for, but things are beginning to be defined. Many favorites are wobbling, but especially in this group, things have been quite heated. This matchday four will be lived at the Signal Iduna stadium in Dortmund, Germany, on 07/11. The Prediction Dortmund vs Newcastle is still pretty close, the chance of big score changes is slim. Both are doing their jobs looking to get the pass, or at least fight for the Europa League playoff. Let’s continue with more data from the clubs.

Dortmund Predictions
Dortmund Germany
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Newcastle United Kingdom
Newcastle Predictions and Odds

Dortmund vs Newcastle Betting Odds

Dortmund vs Newcastle Predictions and Tips

The Black and Yellows debuted with a loss, getting the sum in these matches can be vital for the mathematics to help.

Dortmund knew that things would not be easy in the group of death, but they will not throw in the towel easily after being able to step on the most important club competition after more than twenty years. The first match was against Paris Saint Germain, in which they lost by two goals, without being able to convert any, they had few chances to score, with just a few chances that managed to snatch the ball from the rivals so that they could not continue hurting them.

They have several reported absentees for these upcoming matches, such as: defender Mate Morey, with a knee injury, with an unknown return; defender Meunier, with a hamstring injury, with an unknown return date; and midfielder Sabitzer, also with an uncertain return. This destabilizes all levels of the pitch for them and above all leaves them at the mercy of strong attacks. Dortmund vs Newcastle, could have been easier for them with a more solid team, now, any wobble can be fatal.

Dortmund vs Newcastle Picks & Stats

Clinging on to the idea of being able to move on, it’s been a long time since they haven’t stepped foot in this competition, but here they are and they want to stay.

For Newcastle last season was quite a challenge, but one in which they were able to show that they have everything to be here today playing in the UEFA Champions League. Of course, it involves a lot of wear and tear in their local competition, in addition to this one, coupled with the quality of the opponents they have faced in this first stage. The first face to face was against Milan, a duel from which they would leave with the score at zero, having the opportunity to accumulate a very significant point, also because of the rival they were facing.

They have the advantage of having almost their entire squad to face this and other duels, with only midfielder Barnes missing due to a foot injury, which will leave him back on the field at the end of November. They are a team with a spectacular offensive capacity, which could take by surprise the rivals, who play more attrition and heavy game, but undoubtedly, a great game this Dortmund vs Newcastle, which, if they win, or at least draw, would be worth a lot.

Upcoming matches Date 5 Champions League

On date five we will be playing Milan vs Dortmund; and PSG vs Newcastle.

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Prediction Dortmund vs Newcastle 2023

The matchday three encounter was the first that they have dated in their history, giving then few references of how these two dates could turn out. Now they meet again in the second leg. The Prediction Dortmund vs Newcastle is 1 – 1.

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07 Nov, 19:45 Champions League
Dortmund Predictions
Newcastle Predictions and Odds
Dortmund Predictions
Dortmund Germany
07 Nov, 19:45 Champions League Bet Now
Newcastle United Kingdom
Newcastle Predictions and Odds

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