Cádiz vs Atlético | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 12

We have seen everything this season. Teams that are giving a tough fight, some that are surprising with the level they are showing and others that do not find how to react. We know it is not an easy competition, the best teams in Spain and the best in Europe are fighting for the title.

The road is long but if they do not start, at least from the first third of the dates to add up, there will not be much to do. The Cadiz vs Atletico faces two kinds of teams, the one that is used to fight and win the prize of LaLiga, besides playing in the Champions League and the other one, one that goes from fighting for places in the third, second and first division.

Cadiz CF Predictions
Cádiz C.F Spain
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Atlético de Madrid Spain
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Cadiz vs. Atletico, the dream of permanence and the dream of Champions League, face each other

Cádiz C. F. has not been treated so well by the First Division, but they still keep the illusion.

The truth is that this season began with a K.O. for those of the cross. Blow after blow left them in the depths of the table with a relegation almost sentenced. Their first five games were five terrible defeats with no chance of even scoring a goal to alleviate the burden. Each match was becoming more difficult than the previous one, they saw no chance of even playing soccer, they were completely annulled on the field.

After what seemed to be a death sentence, in the match against FC Barcelona, who started winning 2 – 0, and after a pause due to a medical emergency in the local supporters’ clubs, they gave the checkmate scoring two more, the miracle came. In the sixth round of LaLiga, when it looked like another close without goals, although with a point for a draw, Cadiz would debut as the winner. In the 71st minute of the match, Iván Alejo came on for Álvaro Negredo, who became the hero of the squad. Scoring the first goal of the team so far in the competition at minute 90 + 2 and sentencing the match. Cadiz would finally taste the flavor of success.

They have the whole season ahead of them and three points would not be enough. They know it. That’s why they are looking to extend this breath of life and join the battle for places. Cadiz vs Atletico will be a tough test for this club.

Atletico are not willing to let their Champions League place and title chances slip away.

We can see an Atletico that perhaps is not at its best. Yes, they have managed to win three points on several occasions, but they have been defeated by several rivals. They have some tough games coming up and if they cannot find the formula that will give them a more concrete and consistent game, they could be in trouble.

By the sixth matchday, not only the Champions League places were far away, but also the Europa League places and even out of the play offs. The competition is tough and any false step means the escalation of another and the reduction of chances to win. The colchoneros are aware of that, which is why they know that Cadiz vs Atletico is a golden opportunity to grab three more points that will allow them to climb up the table.

Last three matches to know more about Cádiz vs Atlético

Let’s talk about what the last three Cádiz vs Atlético played. The first of these was on 28-11-21, where the score ended Cadiz 1 – 4 Atletico. Cadiz’s goal would come from Anthony Lozano and for Atletico Thomas Lemar, Griezmann, Angel Correa and Matheus Cunha.

The second game played was on 11-03-22 ending 1 – 2 for the colchoneros. Álvaro Negredo scored and for the winners Joao Félix and Rodrigo de Paul. The next Cádiz vs Atlético was a friendly prior to the start of LaLiga, on 04-08-22, and ended with a goal for the crosses against four goals from Atlético (Álvaro Giménez and Álvaro Morata, Saúl Ñiguez, David Wass and Griezmann).

The final prediction of this Cádiz vs Atlético de Madrid is…

The prediction we bring for this date is Cadiz 0 – 3 Atletico Madrid. Generate your own bet by pressing the button win with us!

Next matches:

Matchday 13 continues, and we’re almost to the break. Atletico vs Espanyol should be an easy task for Atletico. If you support Cadiz instead, the match against Getafe could define relegation. 

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

29 Oct, 16:15 La Liga
Cadiz CF Predictions
Cádiz C.F
Atletico Madrid Predictions
Atlético de Madrid
Cadiz CF Predictions
Cádiz C.F Spain
29 Oct, 16:15 La Liga Bet Now
Atlético de Madrid Spain
Atletico Madrid Predictions

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