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BetKing Mobile: Corporate Background

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BetKing Mobile is a Lagos, Nigeria based sports betting and entertainment company. The company operates primarily as a bookmaker and offers wagering propositions on major sporting events primarily to the citizens of Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. BetKing was founded in 2018 by two Nigerian individuals by the name of Byron Petzer and Adekunle Adeniji.

BetKing Mobile’s parent company is called SV Gaming Limited. Today, it counts close to 10 millions customers and employs a global workforce in excess of 350 people. BetKing operates under a license granted by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB). The company also has a special permission to operate in other parts of Nigeria.

The Kenyan side of the business owns a license issued by the Betting Control and Licensing Board in Kenya while the Ethiopian Lottery Board issued BetKing a license for its Ethiopian operations.

BetKing Mobile: Customer Reviews, Complaints and Alternatives

BetKing’s overall customer reviews rank rather poorly and you should be advised that there are probably better (and safer) options on the market for your hard earned money.

One such alternative would be Betway Africa, which has a very strong reputation for treating its customers fairly and equitably.

Depending on your country of origin, here are some quick links that will allow you to access Betway’s latest offerings, including special promotions like welcome deposit bonuses:

  • Click here if you are from Nigeria.
  • Click here is you are from Kenya.
  • Finally, if you live in any other African country, please use this link instead.

Below is some sample feedback about BetKing Mobile we found disturbing. Now, of course, when people use online betting sites and lose money, they are rarely happy. So you should also take some of this feedback with a grain of salt, although buyer beware at all times!

A scam alert was launched on with the following introductory message:

So here is an uncensored version of the “ Relaunch” thread that has been started by serial scammer Dean Nolan because he is deleting posts that are warning potential victims about how serial scammer Dean Nolan stole millions from investors starting from the 2017 ICO and all the way up to when he stole the final balance of the bankroll and blamed it on an imaginary hack.  Members can post here freely without wondering whether posts will be deleted in the way serial scammer Dean Nolan is doing in his censored thread. Everyone here is advised to avoid dealing with serial scammer Dean Nolan and to stay well away from anything related to betking.”

So this sounds like a strong accusation from the get-go. But people are feeding the same forum threads with strong cautionary warnings:

User “RHavar”, marked “legendary” in terms of credibility on with over 2500 contributing posts, chimes in with the following comment:

While Dean is quick to play it off as ‘oh sorry, we got hacked. bad luck’. For anyone who digs deeper into the story, you will see Dean systematically scammed anyone who ever trusted or worked with him. And not only that, he did it over the course of months (i.e. first he tried scamming in private and not paying licensing fees, then weeks/days he scammed his ICO investors weeks/months later he scammed bankroll investors and then players. There is simply no charitable explanation that explains Dean’s behavior.”

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, so just be forewarned and extra careful, especially when there are so many other options on the market that you may (or may not) be aware of.

BetKing Mobile: Sports Sponsorships Galore

As can often be seen and witnessed in the sports wagering industry, a growing amount of operators tend to align themselves with professional sports brands in an effort to increase brand trust, authority and engagement. Others are focusing on amateur sports sponsorship efforts instead.

BetKing Mobile is no exception to this rule. What better way to combat consumer backlash while creating the idea (or illusion) of brand grandeur and trustworthiness?

BetKing Mobile and Next Titan Nigeria TV Show

So it was on the 4th of July 2019 that BetKing decided to sponsors the sixth season of Next Titan Nigeria business reality TV show. Seen (and trusted) by millions of budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria, The Next Titan caters to “tenacious entrepreneurs, the bravehearts, and the masterminds with unbeatable business ideas and the skills, the drive, and the will to transcend all barriers and limitations.”

betking sponsors the next titan show

BetKing is a lead sponsor of the Next Titan reality TV show for entrepreneurs.

So what prompted BetKing to decide on this costly sponsorship? Kunle Ogidi, Head of Marketing for BetKing justified the move as follows: “We are proud to be associated with The Next Titan project because it resonates with our viewpoint on promoting entrepreneurial development and wealth creation amongst Nigerian youths. We will continue to provide support for young and aspiring Nigerians with the self-employment opportunities which our platform avails.”

Interesting angle, eh? Most people would like at gambling as the diametrical opposite of wealth creation, especially among the youth. Yet somehow BetKing urges us to believe the contrary is true. How truthful can this effort really be?

But Mr. Kunle dares to go one step further: “By this, we reiterate our commitment to the next generation of indigenous entrepreneurs who will build sustainable economic value chains, live their dreams and impact the society positively.” So, if we are to believe this statement, the road to bright future for indigenous entrepreneurs revolves around shows like “Next Titan” (that much we can believe) and… sports betting?

Like my grandmother used to say, “I was born at night; just not last night.” No one can really be this gullible!

BetKing Mobile and the COPA Lagos

The Copa Lagos is an annual beach soccer tournament broadcast to the world via satellite television. It attracts football fans from Nigeria and countless other countries. The event has easily become one of the the major annual international sport tournaments in recent years.

BetKing Mobile Copa Lagos Sponsorship 2019 edition

BetKing Mobile Copa Lagos Sponsorship, 2019 edition.

So when BetKing Mobile decided, in 2019, to sign a multi-million Naira sponsorship agreement with Africa’s biggest beach soccer tournament, no one blinked an eye. That deal seemed like a natural fit that would cement the brand’s name into the few brains that were still unaware that it existed.

BetKing and the Kenya Premier League

After making major hooplah in Jun 2020, a mere year later, the deal between BetKing Mobile and the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) came to a screeching halt when a mutual agreement was reached to end the online gambling operator’s title sponsorship of the Kenyan Premier League and Division One League.

Sports pundits probably remember that the deal that was conclude in July 2021 was worth approximately KES1.2bn (£7.9m/€9.4m/$11/0m) and entailed the sponsorship of both competitions.

The original agreement had seen BetKing become the first title sponsor of the top-tier Premier League since SportPesa withdrew from the Kenyan market in 2019.

Reasons behind the decision to put an end to the sponsorship agreement were not disclosed. The deal with BetKing was reportedly worth KES 8 million (US$70,000) to Premier League clubs.

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