Valladolid vs Elche | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 13

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BOOM! LaLiga is a minefield; for some teams, wherever they step is the next bombshell just waiting to go off. No surprises, of course. It is a very high-level competition and is not suitable for everyone, even if many clubs rest on their laurels, attending matches as if they were just another friendly. And then others simply fail to match the level of their opponents. No doubt, Valladolid vs Elche will be a battlefield for two teams yet to get out of the mire of this war.

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Valladolid vs Elche Will Be an Agonizing Fight for Life

Returning to the First Division, Valladolid Has Not Yet Found Its Way Back to the Top

Valladolid faced relegation at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season after finishing 19th in the standings. Out of 38 games played, they only managed to win five while drawing 16 and losing seventeen.

These results left it with only 31 points out of a possible 114. In addition, they only scored 34 goals for the entire season yet conceded 57, leaving them with a net balance of -23 goals. Their last few games were defeat after defeat. They had no chance.

To return to the first division, they played all 42 LaLiga SmartBank matches, won 24 games, drew 9, and lost just 9 to accumulate 81 points out of a possible 126. They also scored 71 goals and only conceded 43, leaving them with a positive balance.

The main stars that would return the club to the Spanish elite were Shon Weissman with 20 goals, Sergio León with 7, Gonzalo Plata with 6, and Toni Villa, who was responsible for 5 goals.

But now that Valladolid is back in LaLiga Santander, they have yet to demonstrate why they deserve the return. They have only one win, one draw, and four defeats, which has them pegged right on the bottom of the table.

There is a long journey ahead, and they must win this Valladolid vs Elche showdown if they are ever going to get the points that will keep them away from relegation.

Sitting in the Relegation Zone, Elche Is in Danger

Elche has been having a terrible campaign this season, overwhelmed by the competition coming from the best clubs in Spain.

Their first matches were complete and utter carnage, and they were beaten by Betis (3 goals), Villarreal (4 goals), Athletic (4 goals), and Barcelona (3 goals) in their early matches for the 2022-23 season.

So when a game like Valladolid vs Elche is approaching, the Elicitanos must put their heads down and get to work; the preparation for the match must be nothing less than total commitment.

They know that they are facing a club that is not going through its best moment either, so it is an opportunity to face off against a club on more or less equal terms than with better performing clubs.

Previous Valladolid vs Elche Matches and the Prediction for this Match

The most recent matches where these two teams faced each other were in LaLiga 2021.

The first was on January 19 and ended in a 2-2 draw, with Michel Herrero and Joaquin Fernandez scoring for Valladolid and Jose Antonio Fernandez (two goals) for Elche.

The next Valladolid vs Elche was on April 21 and again ended in a draw, with the score at 1-1. The goals were by Lucas Olaza and Fidel Chaves.

The two teams’ performances in both matches were similar, achieving parity in terms of statistics: shots on goal for Valladolid were four vs Elche’s three; possession was 55% – 45%, and passing accuracy was 77% – 78%.

From Valladolid vs Elche 2022, you can expect another draw, with a score of either 0-0 or 1-1. Again, their performances so far in the competition have been similar, so this match will be nothing but equal.

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Matchday 14: 

The last one before the World Cup! Before the break, Elche vs Girona for the lower part of the table, and Valladolid, which goes to Athletic in a complicated encounter. 

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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Valladolid CF Predictions
Elche Predictions
Valladolid CF Predictions
Valladolid Spain
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Elche Spain
Elche Predictions

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