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Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo

Let’s talk about the match Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo. Tenth date of LaLiga and these two teams will have to face each other. For neither of the two has been easy this start of this period, seeing how the first ones are moving away with each match. This season, the start of the competition is demanding enough to all teams. This brings us good soccer to enjoy game by game and make the most of every victory.

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Real Valladolid Club de Futbol and Real Club Celta de Vigo

These two teams have experienced ups and downs during the first dates of LaLiga 2022 – 2023 approaching Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo. Valladolid have suffered their most important defeats against two of the table toppers this season. Villarreal, who conceded 3 goals to 0; and Barcelona who scored four goals without even being able to react. For its part, Celta de Vigo has suffered at the hands of Real Madrid that left the score 4 – 1 without any mercy; and at the hands of Atletico Madrid the score was repeated, 4 – 0 leaving Celta totally dejected.

On the other hand, Valladolid could hardly know the victory in the fourth date, against an Almeria that is agonizing in its own way. Celta did the same in the third matchday, against Girona. Thus, it was easier for them to recover from the bad games.

Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo will be a total bid to position an appropriate game strategy that will lead the different teams to victory. But come on, it is not that complicated, we can already direct our eyes towards a team that can win and bet everything on it.

But first we will tell you the result of what has happened on similar occasions.

Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo previous games, what they tell us

The last time these two teams faced each other dates back to 2020, in a game in which Real Valladolid was vastly superior. And although the result does not show what it meant, possession and scoring chances were albivioletas. On the other hand, Celta de Vigo was able to respond and above all to stand up to a team that was dominating and as a result managed to take a 1 – 0 lead in the 44th minute. But in the 66th minute of the match, the Valladolid team achieved the feat of tying the match between Valladolid and Celta de Vigo. The game ended 1-1 with goals from Iago Aspas and Sergio Guardiola’s penalty.

Last season Valladolid was playing LaLiga Smart Bank in Spain’s second division. So looking at their current situation from the perspective of this newly promoted team allows us to believe that they can give much more in this competition. Although the rivals are more difficult, their game allowed them to get this far.

Celta, on the other hand, although they did not manage to figure as the big star teams, they showed themselves to be consistent, closing the season within the safe margin of the positions.

Predictions we bring you about this match Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo

It is to be admired what the effort of a team that is joining the Primera División can mean. Even the big clubs have a hard time showing their worth. Valladolid are not giving up despite stumbles that have already cost them several points. Celta is looking to snatch the three points at home, the José Zorrilla stadium.

CXSports prediction for this game Valladolid vs Celta de Vigo : the odds are clear, the victory is practically sung for the Celtas , who will do whatever it takes to make this a reality. The match can end in a 1 – 0 or even a 2 – 0 for the visitors. Place your bets for this match via the handy BET button above.

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