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Tottenham vs Aston Villa | EPL 22-23 | Week 18

With almost nothing left separating some Premier League teams as we reach the halfway point of the season, teams are seeing how they can’t let any single opportunity pass them by. And even if the standings are taking shape, there is still a lot of congestion in the middle, meaning things here can change in the blink of an eye. On matchday #18, Tottenham vs Aston Villa face each other, with one looking to anchor itself to the top places while the other will be trying not to fall any further.

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to Host Tottenham vs Aston Villa 2022-23

Tottenham Is Climbing Towards the Top of the Table

In its first eleven games this season, Tottenham managed to grab 7 wins and 2 draws while only suffering 2 defeats. These are great numbers, but in a competition like the Premier League, more is needed to hit the top of the table.

In Tottenham vs Aston Villa, the Spurs will be looking for a game similar to the last one they played in the hopes of walking away with a handy three-point addition to their ranking.

Aston Villa Are Very Close to Catastrophe and Urgently Needs to Improve

Aston Villa is at a critical point in its stay in the Premier League as it plunges into a series of defeats that are sinking it closer and closer to the bottom.

From its first eleven games, six of were crushing defeats where they failed to score a single goal. They managed to grab the nine points they had by this stage from only two wins and three draws. When thrown together with goal averages, this saved them by the skin of their teeth from the relegation places.

In the upcoming Tottenham vs Aston Villa match, they will face one of the strongest rivals they could face this season.

Previous Tottenham vs Aston Villa Matches

On April 9, 2022, a Tottenham vs Aston Villa match was played at Villa Park. Usually, this should have been enough for the locals to score at least one goal, but they could not break through the Spurs’ defense. However, they did manage to match Tottenham in numbers, even if they failed to score.

The ball was narrowly dominated by Aston Villa, who held the ball for 52% of the game against the Spurs’ 48%. Passing accuracy was also slightly in favor of Aston Villa, who achieved 88% against 87% for Tottenham. In fact, the home side even managed eight shots on goal but was unlucky on every one of them. Meanwhile, the visitors only had five shots, but they managed to break through.

The goal fest in Tottenham vs Aston Villa started in the 3rd minute of that match when striker Son Heung-Min scored the Spurs’ first goal in the early hours. This would be the only goal of the first half.

On the return, just five minutes into the second half, Dejan Kulusevski received an assist from Harry Kane and sent the ball into the back of Damien Martinez’s net. Then, in the 66th minute, Son Heung-Min scored his second goal (and the third for his team) after receiving a pass from Kane that he did not waste.

Finally, in the 71st minute, Son Heung-Min’s hat trick was complete, with the striker receiving the ball from Kulusevski and scorinf without any chance of being stopped.

Prediction for Tottenham vs Aston Villa

This Tottenham vs Aston Villa match is likely to have a very similar ending to the one we counted from their previous match. The Spurs should take the win in a convincing 3-0 or 3-1 victory.

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