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LaLiga is already taking shape and although it is just starting, it is already showing some highlights. The truth is that the Andalusian team has not started off on the right foot, collecting defeats along the way. The Valencian team, on the other hand, has been more consistent in its play. The match against Getafe was a sample of what they could achieve with effort. They conceded a “manito” with just one goal against. It is too early to say for sure, but here we tell you what could come out of this Sevilla vs Valencia match so you can be sure about your bet.

Follow every detail to know the possible winner of Sevilla vs Valencia.

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What do the numbers tell us so far for this Sevilla vs Valencia?

Sevilla FC, already has a handful of games that do not look good at all.

In their first match they lost 1-2 against Osasuna, they were unable to beat a team that showed superiority. For their second match in LaLiga, much more was expected, as they had a new signing to shine. It was Isco Alarcón from Real Madrid. Although he entered the field to a standing ovation from the fans, his performance was poor. This game ended in a 1-1 draw, to Sevilla’s good fortune. Some defeats have followed, especially the 0-3 defeat against a convincing Barcelona.

Not scary but showing grit, Valencia CF needs to improve.

While it is true that this team has accumulated victories, so have their defeats. One of their most notable matches was a goal fest, conceding 5-1 to Getafe. But we must know that this last team is far from being one of the strongest in LaLiga. So well, if we take a look at the first games they are 1-0 against Girona; 0-1 against Athletic and 0-1 against Atletico. So far it shows that they can put up a fight but they have a long way to go.

The standings ahead of Sevilla vs Valencia

There is a lot of soccer to be played this season to get into the top positions. For their part, Valencia is down in the table and Sevilla is far from the Champions League places, a competition they will play this season. This team already shows a debit balance with several goals against. In the top positions are the current champion, accompanied by Barcelona at full speed. Every match counts for the underdog teams and these two must give their all.

And what do these facts tell us?

Despite the level of demand required to be in the Champions League, Sevilla, a team that also plays in this competition, is falling short. It is true, they may well recover from a bad start to the season, but that is not what they are showing. On the other hand, it has a squad that has not yet managed to adapt to what is to come. The chances of conceding a win against Valencia are not very good.

In turn, Valencia, although showing more solidity in their game, will need all their forcefulness to win. Although this team is only playing in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey, their level must grow to make a place for themselves. At the rate they are going, a draw or win looks more in their favor.

Sevilla vs Valencia: Their last head-to-head in competition

A little over a year and a half ago was the last Sevilla vs Valencia. It was in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, on January 27, 2021, Sevilla triumphed at home. With a brace from Luuk de Jong and another goal from Ivan Rakitic they won 3-0 against Valencia. A clear victory that left no truce, the far superior Andalusian team prevailed. However, it must be taken into consideration that the squad that allowed that result has changed. Rakitic remains as Sevilla’s midfielder, while de Jong already plays for another team.

What are our predictions for Sevilla vs Valencia?

Within soccer, and although sometimes unfair, it is not always the level of the match that matters but the results. There may be great players in a squad but if they fail to fit together it comes to nothing. And even if it’s a short one, what Valencia has achieved so far gives them every chance of victory against a Sevilla team that has not recovered from a terrible start. 

And although Sevilla vs Valencia will be played at Andalusian home, this has not made the difference to know the defeat. Everything looks like Valencia will leave with three points in favor after this match with at least one goal.

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Next matchday: 

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Sevilla FC Predictions
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Sevilla FC Predictions
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