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Welcome to CXSports, home of the best Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions and odds anywhere on the internet, bar none. Our leading rugby analysts work in concert with advanced machine-learning models to bring you succinct Rugby World Cup 2023 betting tips that you can trust.

From early pool stage games through to the last game of the finals, we’ve committed to bringing you full coverage of every game in this year’s Rugby World Cup 2023. In each of our game reports, you’ll find all the Rugby World Cup score predictions and odds analysis you need to back a winner. So if you’re looking to up your betting game with all the best tips and picks, scroll down for all the latest Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions and odds.

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Top Rugby World Cup 2023 Picks and Tips

The Rugby World Cup 2023 holds a special place in the hearts of rugby fans and tipsters worldwide, with many trying to predict the Rugby World Cup 2023 winner even before the tournament has begun.

Of course, this is no big surprise. When the top players from each country face off, even the most casual rugby bettor can’t help but feel an extra level of excitement. As such, it’s no great surprise that predicting the winner of the Rugby World Cup 2023 has become a pursuit shared by fans across the globe.

This is a passion that our rugby analysts share here at CXSports, meaning our Rugby World Cup 2023 Odds and predictions are a cut above the usual fare. Here you won’t find generic boilerplate and meaningless statistics. Instead, every one of our free Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions gives you all the analysis and information you need to actually understand exactly what all those Rugby World Cup 2023 statistics actually mean, and how they impact the game.

2023 Rugby World Cup FAQ

Before we get into our 2023 Rugby World Cup betting tips, here’s a little background info for readers new to the RWC.

How many Rugby World Cups have there been?

There have been nine complete Rugby World Cups since its inaugural edition in 1987, making the 2023 Rugby World Cup the tenth men’s Rugby World Cup, a quadrennial championship for rugby union national teams.

Where will the 2023 Rugby World Cup be held?

The tournament will be held in France from September 8 to October 28, 2023. Games will be played across nine venues dotted throughout the country, although both the opening game and the final will take place at the Stade de France, located north of Paris.

The stadiums that will host games are:

  • Paris (Stade de France)
  • Marseille (Stade Vélodrome)
  • Lyon (OL Stadium)
  • Lille (Stade Pierre-Mauroy)
  • Bordeaux (Stade de Bordeaux)
  • Saint-Étienne (Stade Geoffroy-Guichard)
  • Nice (Stade de Nice)
  • Nantes (Stade de la Beaujoire)
  • Toulouse (Stadium de Toulouse)

Who are the favorites for the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

The favorites to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup are the New Zealand All Blacks, South Africa (Springboks), and, of course, the home team — France.

The current champions, South Africa, won the 2019 Rugby World Cup by defeating England in the final. Both teams will no doubt be looking to take the title again this year. However, England’s chances are much slimmer.

Other teams to keep an eye on will be Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Wales, Scotland, and, if they can bring a lot of luck to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Fiji.

2023 Rugby World Cup groups

Like previous editions, the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be split across a group stage and a knockout stage.

The initial group stage will see the teams split into four competition pools, where they will play each other in a round-robin format. At the end of the group stage, only the top two teams from each pool will advance to the final knockout rounds.

The groups for the 2023 Rugby World Cup are:

Pool A

  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Italy
  • Uruguay
  • Namibia

Pool B

  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Tonga
  • Romania

Pool C

  • Wales
  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • Georgia
  • Portugal

Pool D

  • England
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Samoa
  • Chile

Who are the previous RWC winners?

The previous winners of the Rugby World Cup are:

  • 1st Edition (1987) – New Zealand
  • 2nd Edition (1991) – Australia
  • 3rd Edition (1995) – South Africa
  • 4th Edition (1999) – Australia
  • 5th Edition (2003) – England
  • 6th Edition (2007) – South Africa
  • 7th Edition (2011) – New Zealand
  • 8th Edition (2015) – New Zealand
  • 9th Edition (2019) – South Africa

Rugby World Cup Odds and Score Predictions

In many ways, predicting the winner of the Rugby World Cup 2023 is a lot like regular rugby predictions. All the usual stuff like team form, player performances, and head-to-head records remain critical considerations.

That’s why all of our Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions feature a detailed analysis of these things. Just as in any competition, analyzing squad depth, coaching strategies, and recent performances can provide valuable insights into understanding Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and making predictions.

But with that said, Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions present a couple of distinct challenges that make coming up with accurate picks and tips different from other tournaments.

One key aspect here is the heightened level of competition. National teams arrive with their finest players, with many of them selected straight from the teams in their national league. Naturally, when you bring the creme de la creme from already elite rugby competitions, this makes for a heightened intensity that makes all Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions even more exciting.

But what really makes Rugby World Cup 2023 picks and tips so exciting is that the tournament boasts a rich history of upset performances and iconic moments. Teams that might have struggled in past years often come back with renewed strength and resolve in later seasons to defy their Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and blow past the competition.

Understanding Rugby World Cup 2023 Winner Predictions

Let’s face it. While there’s usually nothing like the thrill of backing a winner in any regular rugby tournament, nothing quite beats the exhilaration of making Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions and making winning World Cup picks and score predictions.

But while you can get a long way using just our free Rugby World Cup 2023 picks and tips to back match winners, there might come a time when you want to try out some advanced Rugby World Cup 2023 betting strategies for yourself.

Of course, if you want to get started with some more advanced Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and match predictions to place alternative bet types, the first place you should start is with our free Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions reports. Here, you can get a long way just by leveraging the insights we provide in our pre-match analysis to inform other bet types.

For example, if our predictions show that one team is going to come out on top by a massive winning margin, then you can confidently place a bet on the first try coming from a player on the high-scoring team. After all, if you look at the goal distribution of goals throughout any match, it soon becomes apparent that any winning team that does it with a big margin is also more likely to score first.

However, our winning betting picks and tips only go so far if you want to go beyond this point. If you’re going to make a first try bet, for example, you’re also going to have to pick the player who will make it, and this isn’t the sort of thing our Rugby World Cup 2023 betting tips usually focus on.

Here is where a solid foundation in understanding rugby predictions and odds analysis becomes essential. So if you’re interested in enhancing your rugby betting skills, and scoring bigger wins by maximizing your Rugby World Cup 2023 odds, take a moment to kickstart your road to better rugby betting with this short Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions guide.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Betting Predictions Tips

Many of you reading this guide might be new to world cup betting and the intricacies of making winning rugby predictions. If you find yourself in this category of rugby bettors, then your should definitely brush up on some fundamental rugby knowledge first. Understanding the basic rules, scoring system, and team structures are 100% a necessary prerequisite for accurate Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions.

Of course, if you’re looking to skip to the good part where you start making winning bets, then you can always rely on our free rugby predictions. Then, once you have a solid grasp of the game, you can begin to expand your rugby picks and tips repertoire.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Score Predictions And Team Form

In the world of Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions, evaluating every team’s form is the initial step in deciphering winning World Cup odds. Form, in this context, serves as a measure of a team’s current performance. Gaining insight into a team’s form can provide valuable guidance when predicting their potential success in upcoming matches and assessing the associated odds.

Of course, this can be easier said than done. The World Cup only rolls around once every four years, making it hard to get a recent gauge on how a team is tracking as not every team will have a consistent recent history of matches on which to base your Rugby World Cup 2023 picks.

Still, that’s not to say you can’t make accurate Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions — it’s just that sometimes finding sure World Cup picks can take a little extra work. But, for anyone familiar with the basics of Rugby World Cup picks and tips, just know that all the basics from regular rugby predictions apply.

Team Form Analysis in Rugby World Cup 2023 Score Predictions

Making accurate predictions using a team’s form entails analyzing various aspects of their recent performance. Tracking their results is the first step, going beyond mere wins and losses to examine the context of each match vs the match odds predictions.

Also, consider the venue (home or away), and the margin of victory or defeat. And, above all else, don’t forget to look at the quality of opponents faced. Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions mean teams that might have faced weaker opponents in their recent match history will suddenly be confronted with the top rugby teams in the world. Therefore, just because a mid-ranked team defied the odds and pulled off a recent winning streak, that doesn’t mean they can do that once they face great World Cup winners like New Zealand or South Africa.

And finally, look for consistency in results. Consistency makes for sure World Cup predictions. And sure predictions lead to winning World Cup bets.

As for how to look at team form and make predictions about their Rugby World Cup 2023 odds, look at performance metrics like tries, penalties, and possession percentages. And try to find trends and patterns within these metrics over a series of matches that indicate the team’s Rugby World Cup 2023 odds. This can offer valuable insights for making winning Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions.

Playing Style in Rugby World Cup 2023 Picks and Tips

Every team that finds itself featured in our Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions has a unique playing style. This also plays a pivotal role in assessing their Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and predicting outcomes.

Observe a team’s tactical approach, preferred formations, and strategies. Are they known for high-pressure tactics, effective counterattacks, or possession-based play? How does this affect the Rugby World Cup 2023 score predictions for them and the opposing team? How many risks do they take in their playing style, and will these risks make an otherwise sure Rugby World Cup 2023 prediction a hard-to-predict game that’s a shoe-in for a big odds upset?

Rugby World Cup 2023 Predictions and Squad Depth

Squad depth is another vital consideration, especially in elite, international predictions. For starters, injuries to key players in other competitions can see a team arrive with a less-than-ideal lineup. But more importantly, look beyond the prestige of a national league as an indicator of player quality in making Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions.

For example, many national league teams poach top talent from opposing Rugby World Cup 2023 nations — players they can’t use to improve their Rugby World Cup 2023 winner odds, as these players will get called back to their home nation teams.

Head-to-Head Matches in Rugby World Predictions and Betting Odds

While many direct head-to-head battles between Rugby World Cup 2023 teams are few and far between, they still play a massive role in making accurate Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions. Analyzing head-to-head records against specific opponents can reveal volumes of information about that team’s odds by revealing how different playing styles fair against each other and how that team’s form has the potential to deliver winning Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions. 

Off-Pitch Influences on Rugby World Cup 2023 Betting Tips

Lastly, don’t neglect how much off-pitch factors can impact Rugby World Cup 2023 odds predictions. Factors like travel times and time zone changes can wreak havoc on Rugby World Cup 2023 odds. So can different climate conditions, especially when teams are crossing the equator. These factors all impact a team’s performance and alter their Rugby World Cup 2023 odds.

Back a Winner With Accurate Rugby World Cup 2023 Picks and Betting Tips

The above should give you a solid understanding of Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and the intricacies of rugby team performances, and their impact on predictions and betting tips. And while our rugby analysts tell us it’s easy to go much deeper than this, it’s also a good start for bettors looking to up their betting game at this year’s World Cup.

Of course, if all you’re looking to do is back a winning team in the quickest time possible, then just head straight to our Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions. There you’ll find everything you need to back a winner. These Rugby World Cup 2023 betting tips are mostly aimed at advanced bettors looking to spice up their World Cup betting with some alternate bet types, which we’ll cover next.

Winning Rugby World Cup 2023 Betting Tips for Our Free Rugby Predictions

The quickest way to put your money on a World Cup match outcome is to place a stock standard match winner bet using our free rugby predictions. And if this is all you do, then that’s perfectly valid — it’s a sure way to make consistent winnings.

However, there are ways to maximize your winnings and take advantage of the best Rugby World Cup 2023 odds. This is where the world of alternative Rugby World Cup 2023 bet types and predictions strategies come into play.

So let’s get stuck into the different Rugby World Cup 2023 betting tips you need to take your betting to the next level and really up your winnings.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Betting Strategies to Maximize Your Winnings

World Cup Rugby Odds on Match Result Bets

The simplest type of bet you can place is the good old-fashioned match results bet. Here, you simply back a team to win, lose, or draw the game.

Now, immediately, this seems like the best bet for our Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions. After all, every one of our World Cup betting tips revolves around picking the winner, so what could be the problem with this bet type?

Well, that comes down to the extreme level of competition at the Rugby World Cup 2023. Here we see the absolute peak of international playing. That means that while teams will cause an upset and defy the odds, this happens far less often than in other competitions.

As such, finding good value Rugby World Cup 2023 odds for match result bets can be hard. As such, it can be worth your time to look at some alternate betting types to really maximize the odds available to you and boost your winnings.

So let’s take a look at what other bet types you can use.

Use Our Betting Tips With Handicap Bets

The first way to up the odds available to you is to back a team with a handicap bet. This is a whole lot like backing a team with a standard match result bet. The difference is that instead of the winner being the team that simply scores the most, the favorite in a handicapped bet will have their score reduced (handicapped) by a number of points.

How this works in practice is fortunately way simpler than making the initial Rugby World Cup 2023 score predictions to begin with. All it means is that the handicap brings in a winning margin that your rugby team needs to overcome to be declared a winner for the purposes of the bet. For example, if you bet on France to beat Japan and France has a -10 handicap, then for your bet to become a winning bet, France will have to score a minimum of 11 more points than Japan for your bet to win.

What’s really interesting about this bet (aside from the higher odds) is that you can also back either team to be a winner — even the underdog. So, for example, if your favorite team is predicted to lose outright, you can still bet on them to win by handicap. For example, if our free rugby predictions say your favorite team will only lose by 5 points but the bookmakers are handicapping the other team by -10, you just found a great way to stay loyal to your favorite team while still making a winning Rugby World Cup 2023 bet.

The Best Odds With Winning Margin Bets

Just like handicap bets, winning margin bets will handicap the favorite team by a number of points. So again, this is a great way to maximize the odds available to you when you use our free betting tips and picks.

However, there is a big difference here that can make this bet especially interesting. That is, the sportsbook will also place a “cap” on the winning margin, meaning the winner must win by a certain points range.

To illustrate, if you use our rugby picks and tips to place winning margin bets, you are predicting a team will win (or lose) within a certain margin. This means, to use our above France vs Japan example, if France was given an 11-15 points winning margin, they would need to win by exactly 11-15 points. Otherwise, Japan would be declared the winner for the purposes of the bet.

Obviously, with all of our rugby betting tips making accurate Rugby World Cup 2023 score predictions, these are often the best bets for those looking to boost their winnings. This is because our accurate World Cup score predictions will indicate what sort of winning margin you should be looking at — if we predict France to win by 12 points and you can find an 11-15 point winning margin bet, then this will be a great World Cup bet to place.

As for why this is the best bet type for maximum winning odds, that’s because you’re not just backing a winner. You’re also required to predict the conditions of that win, meaning sportsbooks are willing to offer much more interesting markets for confident bettors who are willing to make such calls.

First Scoring Play Betting Picks

We bring you the best Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions. But to do that, we limit our focus to the one thing that everyone cares about — the winning score prediction. And while we encourage everyone to back the winning team, some bettors will be looking for some more interesting Rugby World Cup 2023 picks to spice up their betting.

This is where first-scoring play bets are a great opportunity. Here, your mission is simple — predict what type of play will score the first points in a match. That will be either a try, a penalty try, a drop goal, or a straight penalty

First Try Scorer Predictions and Odds

If you’re looking to flex your skills in making World Cup betting picks even further, another interesting bet type is the first-try scorer bet. In the basic for of this bet, your aim is to predict the first player to score a try in any given game.

There are also some other variants of the first-try scorer bet, like tying to pick the first-try scorer for each team, or the first-try scorer for each half of a game.

Of course, while making this bet type is well outside of our usual Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions and odds analysis, they still give a good indication of where to start. For example, if our Rugby World Cup 2023 score predictions say it will be a high-scoring match for one team, then it’s more than likely that the first try will come from a player on that team.

Of course, you will need to go deeper and start doing your own Rugby World Cup 2023 match predictions here. But, don’t forget the basic advice in our Rugby World Cup 2023 betting guide from above. All the fundamentals about form and statistics in Rugby World Cup 2023 betting odds applies at the individual player level, too.

Series and Tournament Rugby Predictions Bets

Of course, with an event as prestigious as it is, making overall Rugby World Cup 2023 winner predictions can be even more popular than betting on individual games themselves. Fortunately, most sportsbooks make this easy, offering markets for bettors looking to predict the overall winner.

This bet is especially interesting for bettors who have a hunch that an underdog will steal the series. This is even more true for those making Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions ahead of the tournament kicking off — this is when bookmaker odds will likely be highest.

Rugby Predictions and Bets on The Margin of Victory in a Series

Of course, betting on a favorite to win is never as lucrative as backing an underdog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your Rugby World Cup 2023 winner predictions if it involves a favorite. Instead, try placing a winning margin bet for the best odds.

Final Advice for Winning Bets Using Our RWC Odds and Predictions

While many bettors are happy just to put a little money on their favorite team so they have some skin in the game, presumably, you’re looking for a bit more. After all, you did search out the best Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions site before placing your bets!

So if this is you, take your time to digest each of our free Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions, and combine it with our betting tips above. Using our World Cup picks and the above advice together can lead to powerful winning strategies that the casual punter can only dream of.

2023 Rugby World Cup FAQ


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