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If you’ve been chasing after the best rugby predictions and odds, look no further. Here at CXSports, our commitment is to bring you the most accurate rugby betting tips all season long. With our succinct pre-game match reports by our leading sports analysts, you’ll have all the betting picks and tips you need to get a real winning edge.

Best of all, all of our winning rugby betting tips are 100% free. No signup. No gimmicks. Just full-season coverage of every game with the best rugby picks and tips by our pro tipsters. So if you’re looking to bet and win on your favorite rugby leagues and teams, simply scroll down to find the rugby predictions and odds you’re after.

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Here’s What Our Rugby Odds and Predictions Have to Offer

If you land on the typical rugby odds and predictions site, you’ll probably notice one of two things.

The first is that their best rugby predictions are locked up behind a membership paywall. Either that or their rugby predictions look like they were pulled randomly out of a hat, with no analysis or details given.

We’re different here at CXSports. All of our sports predictions are 100% free (and we cover every game in any series or tournament we cover). What’s more, all of our free rugby odds and predictions are made by experienced sports analysts with winning track records, and we prove it by sharing some of their analyses with you.

As such, when you click through to our winning rugby predictions, you won’t be greeted with a bunch of statistics and a simple “prediction”. Instead, you’ll get a detailed analysis of what those numbers and rugby statistics actually mean — how they impact team form, how they change the odds, etc.

Of course, if all of this stuff is boring and you just want to get straight to the winner, simply scroll to the bottom of any of our rugby predictions — under the “Prediction for …” heading, you will find a rugby score prediction calling out a clear winner that you can bet on.

Rugby FAQ

If you’re new to the world of rugby betting tips and predictions, then there are some basics about the game you should get familiar with first. Here’s a brief overview.

What are the basic rules of rugby?

While rugby is a sport that is split into different codes (mainly “union” and “league), there are some basic rules uniting all rugby variants.

At its base, rugby is a sport played with an oval-shaped ball where the object of the game is to score points by getting a “try,” which is similar to a touchdown in American Football. Additional points can also be scored with a “conversion” following a try. This requires a player to kick the ball in between two goalposts. This kick must be taken from a point in line with where the try was scored.

Like most games, the team with the most points is the winner.

Another quirk of rugby that makes it stand out from other football codes is that the ball can never be passed forward — players must hold the ball and run it down the field, or kick it. The opposing team will try to stop the attacking team by tackling and trying to regain possession of the ball.

Where is rugby popular?

While not at the same level as soccer in terms of global popularity, it is nonetheless a massively popular international sport, especially in places like the southwest of France, the northern states of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands nations, and South Africa.

Unsurprisingly, these nations also produce the world’s best rugby players, and are usually the hot favorites at international competitions like the Rugby World Cup.

What are the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

There are two main variations on the basic game of rugby — Rugby Union and Rugby League. Arguably, the dominant variant is rugby union — this is what’s played at the Rugby World Cup. However, the league version is also popular in many places around the world.

As for what the main differences are, these basically boil down to some differences in the rules. Mainly:

The main differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League are:

  • Scoring: A try is worth 5 points in Rugby Union and 4 points in Rugby League, affecting team strategies.
  • Number of Players: Rugby Union has 15 players on field and 8 substitutes. Rugby League has 13 players on field and 10 substitutes.
  • Possession: In Rugby Union, a team maintains possession so long as they hold the ball. In Rugby League, possession is limited to six tackles before a forced switchover.
  • Tackling: In Rugby Union, a tackled player must release the ball and possession is re-contested. In Rugby League, the team generally keeps the ball until six tackles occur, or they lose it by accident.
  • Ball Out of Play: Rugby Union uses a “lineout” to restart the game — a formation where the ball is thrown in from the boundary line and teams compete for possession. Rugby League typically uses a scrum and does not have lineouts.
  • Scrum: Rugby Union scrums are more formal and rule-driven. In Rugby League, scrums restart play but are generally less formal.

These are some of the major differences — differences that significantly impact the game’s pace, scoring, and strategies.

As for how this plays out in practice, Rugby League games often move at a faster pace than Union games. This is mostly down to having more space for attacking plays due to fewer players, along with the six-tackle rule.

What You Need to Know About Our Free Rugby Predictions

Our #1 goal here at CXSports is to help you make accurate rugby picks. Our #2 goal here is to help you maximize your winnings based on these rugby predictions — we don’t just want you to win. We want you to win big.

So to help you make the most of our free rugby predictions, we’ve put together a short guide to help you on your journey to becoming a winning rugby bettor. What follows comes in two parts — how winning rugby predictions are made, and how to use different rugby bet types to make the most of the rugby odds offered by your favorite sportsbook.

Making Winning Rugby Predictions and Odds

When it comes to exciting ways to enjoy the game of rugby, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of making rugby predictions and betting on the match outcome.  That’s why we set out to create the best rugby predictions and odds available and make them available for you, for free, right here.

And while our rugby picks and tips are as good as you’re going to find anywhere, some of you may be looking for more. For example, if you’re looking to make alternative types of rugby bets, like first-try bets, these aren’t the kinds of things we try to call in our rugby betting tips. Instead, all of our free rugby predictions focus mainly on the match winner.

Of course, that’s not to say that our free rugby predictions aren’t a good base to start with. For example, if you want to bet on the first try and our rugby predictions call a game where one side drastically outscores the other, then you can bet that the first try is going to come from a player on the high-scoring team. This just makes sense — given an even distribution of goals throughout the match, the team that’s going to score more goals is also the team that’s statistically more likely to make the first score.

But that’s about as far as our winning rugby betting tips will get you here — a good starting point for your own alternative betting strategies. From our above example, where we’re trying to place a winning bet on the first try, we still need to pick the player who will make the try.

This is where having a solid foundation for understanding rugby predictions and odds analysis comes in. So if any of this is of interest to you, buckle up because we’re about to get you started on your journey toward becoming an even better rugby bettor.

Rugby Match Prediction Basics

Before diving into the depths of how winning rugby predictions work, let’s brush up on our rugby knowledge.

In rugby, the objective is simple: teams aim to cross the try line with the ball to score points. Understanding the teams, positions, and basic rules and scoring system is essential for making accurate predictions.

Therefore, if any of this is unfamiliar to you, then your best bet is to simply rely on our free rugby predictions for all your rugby betting. Only once you fully understand the basics of the game should you aim to start building out new rugby picks and tips.

Team Form and Rugby Odds

In the ever-evolving world of rugby predictions, assessing a team’s form is the crucial first step when trying to figure out the odds. As for what form actually is, the best way to start is to see it as the measure of a team’s current performance.

Getting a good handle on a team’s form can provide valuable insights into their potential success in upcoming match predictions and how this will play out with the odds of a game. For example, if a team has historically performed badly, but our rugby analysis shows it has made a big turnaround, then it may provide a chance to make a sure rugby bet on a team that the sportsbooks are currently giving long odds to.

When making a rugby match analysis to create a winning rugby prediction, for consistency can also help us gauge how sure our predictions are. For example, a team that has had inconsistent form can make for a difficult-to-predict game, especially when the opposing side has also had inconsistent form.

As for how to estimate a team’s form, that can be a complicated process that even our experienced rugby analysts are continually learning about. But while the role of form in our free rugby predictions is a big topic, that’s not to say we can’t give you a quick overview.

Here’s what you need to know.

Odds Analysis and Winning Rugby Predictions— Estimating Team Form

Here are the basic steps in estimating a team’s form to make winning rugby predictions.

  1. Tracking Recent Results: The first step in making rugby predictions using a team’s form is to closely analyze the odds and recent results. Look beyond the wins and losses and examine the context of each match. Consider the quality of opponents faced, whether the matches were home or away, and the margin of victory or defeat. Recognize that consistency in positive results indicates a team in good form.
  2. Assessing Performance Metrics: Numbers tell a story, that’s why we devote considerable space in all of our free rugby predictions to discussing them. These metrics provide valuable insights into a team’s form. So take the time to analyze statistics such as goals scored, goals conceded, possession percentage, shots on target, and passing accuracy. By analyzing these metrics over a series of matches, you can identify trends and beat the odds by making sure rugby predictions.
  3. Analyzing Playing Style: A team’s playing style can significantly impact their form and the probability of rugby predictions. Observe their tactical approach, formation, and preferred strategies. Do they rely on high-pressure tactics, counterattacks, or possession-based football? Assess how effectively they execute their style of play and whether it aligns with what the odds and predictions had to say. Consistency in playing style often translates into a consistent form, which then translates into winning rugby bets.
  4. Evaluating Squad Depth: Team form can be influenced by the depth and quality of the squad. Injuries to key players or a lack of suitable replacements can disrupt a team’s rhythm and throw the match odds right off. Also, be sure to consider how any squad rotations might impact the odds when making your rugby picks and tips.
  5. Don’t Forget Off-Pitch Factors: Form doesn’t exist in an on-field vacuum. External factors can make a huge impact on rugby predictions, so consider the impact of things like travel distances, and how changing time zones play on fatigue levels. And, of course, don’t forget how weather conditions can play into rugby odds and predictions. Extreme heat or heavy rain, in particular, can wreak havoc on the favorite and quickly lead to a team making a big upset as they defy the odds.
  6. Head-to-Head Records in Rugby Predictions: Head-to-head records against each opponent offer valuable insights into a team’s form. This is why we also dedicate a big chunk of space in our winning rugby predictions to analyzing head-to-head performance. Analyze past encounters, noting any recurring patterns or dominant performances. Consider the context of these matches, the pre-match odds and the actual outcomes, and any changes in players or tactical approaches since. A team’s historical record against a particular opponent can indicate their ability to maintain consistent form and deliver winning rugby predictions.

Don’t Forget Gut Instinct in Rugby Betting

Any sport, by its very nature, is unpredictable. And rugby betting picks are certainly no exception. So embrace the chaos and unexpected outcomes that make rugby predictions so thrilling. After all, if every match was a sure thing, sportsbooks wouldn’t exist.

Of course, always maintain a long-term perspective and don’t overreact based on a single bad prediction. Stay consistent, track your rugby predictions, and analyze results to identify areas where you can improve the odds that your rugby picks will win. Adapt your strategies and approaches over time, and enjoy the journey of becoming a skilled rugby predictor.

And finally, if all of this sounds like too much, don’t forget that we’re always here with free rugby predictions just for you. We understand that becoming a successful rugby bettor requires you to delve deeper into the game than even many sports analysts, so we’d be thrilled to see you make winning rugby bets using them.

Make Winning Bets Using Free Rugby Picks and Tips

When it comes to rugby betting, understanding the various bet types and how to use them in combination with our sure rugby predictions can significantly enhance how much you stand to win.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with placing a basic match-winner bet using our free rugby picks and tips. That is, after all, exactly what we give right at the very end of every single one of our sure rugby predictions.

But, with that said, there are alternative rugby betting strategies that you can use to win even more using the same rugby predictions. All you need is a basic knowledge of what rugby bet types are available, and when each one matches best with out rugby picks and tips.

Let’s delve into each bet type, exploring how you can leverage them to your advantage and maximize your chances of success.

Rugby Bet Types to Maximize Your Winnings

Betting on Rugby Predictions With Match Result Bets

The match result bet is a simple, straightforward choice. All you have to do is back a team to win, lose, or draw the game. This is made even simpler by the fact that we explicitly name a winner in every single rugby prediction on our site, so be sure to check them out.

With that said, if you’re betting on matches at the international level, finding value in this bet can be challenging due to the rarity of major upsets. Therefore, to maximize your odds, consider using the match result from our rugby predictions in combination with other bet types, such as handicaps or winning margin bets, which offer more opportunities for value and potential returns.

We will cover these rugby bet types next.

Using Rugby Picks and Tips With Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are popular in rugby betting. As we noted above, there can be limited value in making straight-match result bets on international games. (Although, they do make for a nice, steady way to make winning bets if you use our free rugby predictions.)

As one alternative, a handicap introduces a winning margin into your rugby bets that the team you’re betting on needs to overcome. For example, if you bet on the Kiwi All Blacks to beat the French, and the All Blacks have a -5 handicap, then for your bet to become a winning bet, New Zealand will have to win by at least 6 points or more.

The best part about handicap bets is that they can often provide much bigger payouts on winning bets. They also bring in some variety to your betting and give you a fun and profitable way to back a “losing” team. For example, if our free rugby predictions estimate a team will only lose by 5 points and the bookmakers are offering a -10 handicap on the winning team, this can be a great opportunity to beat the odds and win some serious cash from your rugby betting.

The Best Rugby Odds With Winning Margin Bets

Winning margin bets are a lot like handicap bets. Winning margin bets allow you to bet with our rugby predictions on a team winning by a specific number of points.

The big difference here is that if you use our rugby picks and tips to place winning margin bets, you are predicting a winning margin within a certain range. For example, while our above example put the All Blacks at a straight -5 point handicap for the handicap bet, a margin bet might be placed on a range of 6-10 points. In this case, the Kiwis would have to win by 6-10 points for your bet to win.

Using our free rugby predictions, these can often be the best bet types to make. For starters, we regularly make accurate rugby score predictions, meaning picking the winning range is just a matter of matching our score predictions with a margin on offer at your favorite sportsbook.

But the real reason our sure rugby picks and tips are a great match for margin bets is that this rugby bet type often has the highest payout. Because you’re not just backing a winner, but also backing the exact conditions in which the winner will take victory, sportsbooks reward your increased risk with much, much better winning odds.

First Scoring Play

The first scoring play bet adds an element of excitement to the early stages of a rugby match. To understand this rugby bet type, you need to be aware of four possible outcomes – try, penalty try, drop goal, or penalty.

And while this isn’t the type of bet we generally make a call for with our winning rugby predictions here, applying our rugby predictions advice from before can help you make your own winning picks here. The one thing we didn’t cover in our rugby predictions guide above was the importance of first possession in this bet. As the team that kicks off is often more likely to also be the first to score, it can be smart to wait until you know this piece of information before placing your bet.

First Try Scorer

Like the first scoring play bet, the first try scorer bet is another fun rugby bet that you can use to win more. In this bet, you predict the first player to score a try, regardless of when it happens in the game. You can also explore different variants, such as the first-try scorer from each team, the first-try scorer in each half, or even the position of the first-try scorer.

When making this bet, remember the advice from our rugby predictions guide above, especially about form. While we might have discussed team form, the same advice about making rugby picks applies to players. So look at the individual player form, playing style, and previous match-ups to identify solid rugby odds and score predictions to make winning choices.

Series and Tournament Rugby Predictions Bets

While the above bets looked at making rugby predictions on individual matches, you can also find rugby odds for and make picks beyond individual matches. For example, you can bet on an entire tournament or series like the World Cup.

These rugby bet types offer long-term opportunities to capitalize on your rugby knowledge. You can also read up on our rugby predictions in advance to get an idea about how a tournament should shape up.

Popular options when making rugby predictions about an entire tournament or series includes predicting the tournament or series winner, the top points scorer, and the top try scorer.

Of course, some of these bets require a broader understanding of team dynamics, player performances, and tournament structures. So, again, take the time to read our rugby betting and predictions guide above if you want to get clued up about how to make winning bets here.

Rugby Predictions and Bets on The Margin of Victory in a Series

This type of bet takes rugby predictions and betting one step further than straight series bets, and is a lot like the margin bets we discussed earlier in our winning rugby betting guide. That is, here you not only back the predicted winner, but also make a call about what their winning margin will be.

Final Advice for Winning Bets Using Our Rugby Predictions for this Weekend

The name of the game here is to win. So if you don’t understand how any of these bet types work, the sure betting strategy is to stick to using our free rugby predictions on match results bets.

After this, you can step up your rugby betting game by advancing to handicap and margin bets. These are also great matches for our detailed rugby picks and tips, and we also make accurate rugby score predictions for you to use with these bet types.

And finally, if you’re a rugby betting expert or are really looking to ramp up your winnings, consider experimenting with different combinations of the more advanced rugby betting types.

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