Red Star vs RB Leipzig Prediction and Odds Date 04

This is a group that has practically defined which clubs will advance to the next phase of the competition. And there is a big difference between them, even though they are looking to measure themselves against each other. The Estrella have not had much luck recently, but this stage is a step. The Reds are hoping to go further this time. They will play the match day four of the group stage at the Red Star stadium on 07/11. The Prediction Red Star vs RB Leipzig affirms the visitors as the ones who have the best chances to get the three points. Now are you ready to bet?

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Red Star vs RB Leipzig Betting Picks Champions League

Red Star vs RB Leipzig Predictions & Tips

The Starlets are trying to carve out a more distinctive niche for themselves in Europe. Although it hasn’t been easy, they are already in the limelight for now.

Getting to be at this level of competition is not something everyone can afford to boast about. To rub shoulders with rivals such as the reigning champions is a privilege, even when this may represent the biggest obstacle to even think about the possibility of advancing to the other stages, even if they are close. For the Red Star to get this far should be a source of pride.

They can even boast of having one of these prized trophies, achieved in the 1990/1991 season. Although they have not reached a final again, the furthest they would have gone since then is precisely this stage that they are also being a part of now. Red Star vs RB Leipzig is not a duel in which they can have high hopes, in fact, they may end up with another heavy result against them. But it is clear that they want to fight at least for third place.

Red Star vs RB Leipzig Odds and Stats

The Red Bulls are never an easy opponent to face. They are stubborn and give the fight until the end, even if they go for the defeat, but let it be a worthy one.

This is a team that despite its short history has managed to go far both locally and internationally. In just five seasons in which they have been part of this Champions League, they have reached the semifinals and twice the round of 16. They are good at tackling, a club that plays a lot of resistance and frontal attacks, without losing chances, so no rival can be neglected.

Last season they reached the next stage, and at the moment they have a very important factor against them, and that is the sale of a key player to have been able to advance, and that is the center forward Christopher Nkuku, who is now part of Chelsea. This player is so far the club’s top scorer, having scored eleven goals in twenty-nine games. However, they have good players, such as Spanish midfielder Dani Olmos, or striker Timo Werner. With the same momentum as always they go into this Red Star vs RB Leipzig, from which they carry their good chance.

Upcoming matches Date 5 Champions League

On matchday five the matches that these two teams will be playing are Young Boys vs Red Star; and Man City vs RB Leipzig.

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Prediction Red Star vs RB Leipzig 2023

Between these two squads there have been no previous clashes, except for the match of the previous day where the roles of home – away were reversed. This condition may not matter much for the specific result this time. Prediction Red Star vs RB Leipzig is 0 – 2 or 1 – 3.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

07 Nov, 22:00 Champions League
Red Star Predictions
Red Star
RB Leipzig Logo
RB Leipzig
Red Star Predictions
Red Star Serbia
07 Nov, 22:00 Champions League Bet Now
RB Leipzig Germany
RB Leipzig Logo

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