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Real Madrid vs Girona | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 12

12/38, there is still so much to go in this LaLiga season, you might think, as things are going, that everything is already said, at least with the first places. But it is not so, soccer surprises us so much that today we are singing the victory of a team that tomorrow could be suffering the worst defeat.

On this occasion two teams are seen on the lawn, one that enjoys the top of the table since it started -and even since last season- and another that despite being promoted after a while in LaLiga Smart Bank, holds in the middle of the table battling. Real Madrid vs Girona could give us that feeling of not underestimating any team, or being surprised yet again by the greatness of others.

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Real Madrid Spain
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What you need to know about Real Madrid vs Girona

The Whites have been able to deliver in each of their matches and have not disappointed their fans. Will this continue in Real Madrid vs Girona?

For Real Madrid it has not been complicated at all to start the new season of competitions. They are doing well in the Champions League and they are doing well in LaLiga, it seems as if nothing can bring Los Blancos down. They have sweated a lot of matches, they have been given the fight but as if it were a final, they raise their heads and turn the game around. It is natural in the Merengue team that comes from winning several competitions last season.

For six rounds of LaLiga, they knew nothing but wins, at home and away. They won the Madrid derby, after racist controversies and quarrels, they took three points at the Metropolitano. In the white squad, the strikers, midfielders and defenders all have an incredible potential to fulfill what the moment requires. The cohesion that Ancelotti has achieved allows even rotations to be highly effective and generate positive play and goals.

Real Madrid vs Girona does not seem to be a match that will intimidate the defending champions. They will go all out to keep winning three and fight for the consecutive title.

A regular start for a newly promoted Girona, but they are still in the fight!

Girona had not played a Primera División match since the 2018 – 2019 season, where they were ranked #18 and dropped to the second division of Spain. The hard work they have had to do to get to where they are today is admirable. Three seasons it took them to return to the elite of Spanish soccer and here they are, in the middle of the table looking for permanence and why not, reach other competitions.

It has not been the best performance by a club in LaLiga, but their willingness on the pitch to score and add to their score is remarkable. The bet on combining a rejuvenated squad, full of new airs and energy and the club’s veterans is yielding a positive result. They know that they have much more to give and that they must do so if they want to stay in the first division, they cannot let themselves fall down the table because there will be no way back.

This Real Madrid vs Girona has been seen before, what can we expect?

It has been some time since a Real Madrid vs Girona game has been played, it is sure to be very exciting. The last matches they played against each other were in the Copa del Rey in 2019, many things have changed but we still tell you this background.

The first meeting was on January 24, the final score was 4-2, with goals from Lucas Vázquez, Sergio Ramos (x2) and Karim Benzema. And Anthony Lozano for Girona. The second leg ended 3-1, with two goals from Benzema and another from Marcos Llorente. And Pedro Porro for the rival. It was a resounding aggregate score of 7 – 3 for the Merengues.

We bring for you the prediction of this Real Madrid vs Girona of the 12th round of LaLiga Santander.

This match could end with Real Madrid 3 – 1 Girona. Madrid has conceded goals in all matches played in the first six dates. And Girona can generate play to concede a goal in the nets of Courtois.

Come on, now that you have the necessary data, you can press the betting button and hit the winner.

Next matches:

Matchday 13 continues, and we’re almost to the break. Girona vs Athletic promises to be a great match. If, on the other hand, you support Real Madrid, the match will be on Rayo Vallecano’s ground.


30 Oct, 16:15 La Liga
Real Madrid Predictions LaLiga
Real Madrid
Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions

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