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The Magpies could only take a point from this first match, for a draw, which in the end could have meant more for them than for the Rossoneri. This new match on matchday six of the group stage will be played at St James’ Park Stadium on 13/12/23. The Prediction Newcastle vs Milan gives an air of advantage to the home side, albeit minimal. There is a high chance that everything will end with the score level again. We bring you more facts about them so you can have more profit with your bets.

Newcastle Predictions and Odds
Newcastle United Kingdom
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Milan Italy
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Newcastle vs Milan Predictions and Tips

The Magpies have a dream that they are fighting for in the most difficult group of the entire first stage of the competition.

Finally, after so many years, Newcastle are back in the biggest club competition. And they did it by debuting against one of the best clubs of last season, managing to take a point from them. They don’t have it easy, being part of the group considered to be dead, but it is clear that they will not give up. From Newcastle vs Milan they could get at least the same result of that visit to the rival’s field, taking advantage of the fact that the other teams are slumbering.

Newcastle vs Milan Odds and Statistics

The Rossoneri were dealt a bit of a blow by the level of the opponents they have had to face in this group stage.

Being knocked out, not only of the the Champions League, but also going home empty-handed, is a possible reality for Milan. They reached the first three matches played having accumulated only two points, placing them at the bottom of the table. Newcastle vs Milan was one of those matches that meant they got a point, but not as they had planned, only one point.

Newcastle vs Milan Match Preview

The most recent match between them was on 19/09/23.

With no changes on the scoreboard, in a match with a lot of resistance, they would end up sharing the points. Newcastle entrenched themselves in such a way that they didn’t allow anything to happen, despite the discomfort. And the Rossoneri, dedicated to cornering their opponents, were never able to break through the opposition goal.

The visitors had 47% of the possession, but could hardly get out of their own half, they could hardly prevent any damage; Milan managed to control 53% of the time with the ball, so they threw everything forward, but in the end, they would not get the result.

Newcastle would manage to finish 84% of the plays correctly, which would undoubtedly be key to keep a clean sheet; the home side would finish 83% of their passes accurately, failing mostly in their attempts to score. The Magpies would shoot only once on goal, without success; and Milan had nine shots on goal, without being able to score. Newcastle vs Milan would be a draw that would continue to keep the excitement and tension in this group.

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Prediction Newcastle vs Milan 2023

These two clubs have only met once, here in the Champions League, in which they would end up tied. The Prediction Newcastle vs Milan is 1 – 0.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

13 Dec, 21:00 Champions League
Newcastle Predictions and Odds
Milan Predictions
Newcastle Predictions and Odds
Newcastle United Kingdom
13 Dec, 21:00 Champions League Bet Now
Milan Italy
Milan Predictions

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