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Girona vs Osasuna | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 11

LaLiga is a dream for many and not everyone has found it easy to play among the elite of Spanish soccer. Staying in Spain’s top division is an arduous competition that makes more than one person’s hair stand on end. Clashes that may seem simple can end up being a headache and a significant loss. Girona vs Osasuna represents that struggle of two teams that, while not at the top of the tournament, are sweating every game to position themselves in the top spots.

Both teams in every game are leaving their souls to continue in the glory that means to be in LaLiga Santander.

Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Girona Spain
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Osasuna Spain
Club Atlético Osasuna LaLiga 2022 Predictions

Let's see more of the Girona vs Osasuna clash on the 11th date.

A Girona that is dreaming, and fighting to reach it.

They have not been playing in the first division for many recent seasons. They barely managed to get promoted and their continuation among the top teams in Spain has been a race to the death. What the players leave behind in every game is their lives, at least those of Girona, who defend their shield and their position. Being relegated is not an option for them, so they must achieve great feats so that their dream is not tarnished by that of another club.

They have started with a defeat, after that they have had some consistency this season although it has cost them. Their performances have not been particularly outstanding, nor do they have a great goal scoring streak. They need to improve a lot to get up to speed with a what a competition like LaLiga and a match like Girona vs Osasuna demands.

Osasuna is going with leaden feet, without flagging… for now.

Osasuna has had better luck in their start, their first two games of the season were victories, adding up to 6 points in favor. After that, they were also happy, because they have been able to take advantage of the small rivals to add up little by little and keep in a good position. It still has a long way to go.

What he has presented this season is really positive. It is surprising to see how they play and their determination not to fade away and concede, even if it was only by the minimum to get three points. If they show this, Girona vs Osasuna can be theirs.

It should also be noted that in the beginning, for the fifth date, the matches played by Girona, their opponents had shown more level than those Osasuna had faced. You can bet on this match by clicking on the BET NOW button above or below. 

What Girona vs Osasuna last match tasted like

What we have seen of Girona vs Osasuna previously in recent dates dates back to 06 January this year. Girona Fútbol Club won with a single goal from defender David Juncá Reñé. It was played at the home of the winner, the Estadio Municipal Montilivi and it was in the playoffs of the Copa del Rey.

Prior to this we have old comings and goings in the second division that reflect nothing of how much these two teams have grown. The fight that has brought them this far today can be seen on the field in every match played.

Here we give you the predictions for this Girona vs Osasuna match to get a good setting.

Although they are separated by points in the table, their games have had a similar persistence. Girona are looking more confident every game and more confident of what they can achieve. Their new signing, Taty Castellanos, comes with a lot of momentum to help Stuani, Reinier and Oriol Romeu to consolidate victories. On the other hand, Osasuna is not giving a stitch without a thimble and players like Aimar Oroz, Rubén García and Ezequiel Ávila will continue to bring joy to the club.

We can expect a draw with a simple score, 1 – 1. Or the victory of a strong Girona who will play at home. Press the betting button and indicate your sure winner

Upcoming matches: 

Matchday 12 is coming up, with Osasuna vs Valladolid on one side, and on the other, Girona going to Madrid without any pressure. 

23 Oct, 18:30 La Liga
Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Club Atlético Osasuna LaLiga 2022 Predictions

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