Girona vs Athletic | LaLiga 22-23 | Fecha 13

This game is now over. If you are looking for the next time Girona and Athletic face off, check out our Athletic vs Girona prediction.

Another week that comes and brings more soccer, LaLiga is always there to fill our weekends with our passion. It’s wonderful to see how the teams take to the field with their illusions set to the fullest, no matter the path taken so far. Girona vs Athletic will bring more of that foot-ball magic that catches us every weekend and that this year, like every four, privileges us with more. Two teams that go at their own pace to get a space in the best soccer competition in Spain. The same one that opens the door to Europe and the world. We tell you more about this match coming up on November 6.

Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Girona Spain
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Athletic Spain
Athletic Bilbao Predictions

Matchday 13 will host Girona vs Athletic at the Montilvini Municipal Stadium.

No time to lose, Girona Fútbol Club must take charge of the upcoming matches.

It has been a rough start for Girona. The reception in the First Division has been to give everything, not because it is easy for them to pass against the best in Spain, the world and Europe, but because the demand has been 100%. Undoubtedly, they have tried to do their best, you can see in every game they go out onto the pitch as if it were a final, the illusion of being back and defending this return is clearly perceived.

There is a lot to do, there are difficult matches coming up in which the best of Girona, what put them in LaLiga Santander, must come out. There are rivals that do not give truce and that are strengthened, perhaps as will be the Girona vs Athletic. On the other hand, there are others, on the other hand, who see the permanence uphill as much or more than them, those games are the ones to take advantage of.

The 2021 – 2022 season in LaLiga Smart Bank took them 42 games played, 20 wins, 8 draws and 14 defeats to achieve promotion. They managed to score 62 goals, 36 home and 26 away. They conceded 44 goals, leaving them with a positive goal average. They did not manage to compete in the elite since the 2018 – 2019 season and they are not willing to lose their space now that they have it back,

For Athletic it means chances to shine again in big competitions.

Athletic have kicked off this season on the right foot and at a good pace. Their first six games played the numbers were in their favor with four important victories, one draw and one defeat. They had managed to score twelve goals, an average of two per game and conceded only four. A firmness in the defensive ranks as well as in the attacking and midfield is what this Athletic shows that comes with a thirst for more.

And beware, the club likes to score away, until the match against Rayo Vallecano, of their twelve goals, eight had been away and four at home. Their star scorers have been Gorka Guruzeta, Nico Williams, Iñaki Williams, Oihan Sancet and Alex Berenguer. They know they can take advantage of Girona vs Athletic and do some damage. A win could translate into defending their hard-earned place in the standings.

Predictions for Girona vs Athletic 2022

Both teams will take to the field with intentions of taking all three points. Girona plays at home, but this does not seem to scare Athletic. Even so, the gironins have to do their best to make themselves respected at home. Both clubs need a victory that will give them strength in the competition and tranquility for upcoming matches. Athletic will apply their best tactics and are likely to leave Montilivi with three points. From Girona vs Athletic we can expect a 3 – 1 in favor of the visitors.

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Matchday 14: 

The last one before the World Cup! Before the break, Athletic vs Valladolid to get closer to the top teams, and Girona, which goes to Elche and none of them can lose. 

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04 Nov, 21:00 La Liga
Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Athletic Bilbao Predictions
Girona FC LaLiga 2022 Predictions
Girona Spain
04 Nov, 21:00 La Liga Bet Now
Athletic Spain
Athletic Bilbao Predictions

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