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Getafe vs Athletic

LaLiga is going great. There have been games that have kept us glued to the screen. So far it has not been easy for many teams. This 10th matchday sees Getafe vs Athletic where expectations are high. Both teams are looking to add points, but not from the same vulnerable position. We tell you what is so far of both teams and what can happen…

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Getafe vs Athletic will have the thrill of those who do not give up

Getafe’s ordeal… ready to put it behind them

Getafe has had a bad time. Their first matches were stumbles and more stumbles. Just at the beginning and when they thought they could not do any worse, they received a thrashing by Valencia that left them stunned. But just as it all began, that hard blow was the wake-up call they needed to put their chests to the competition.

Self-criticism and reflection are the first steps to take soccer to another level that will allow them to really get into the competition and not just play. Getafe vs Athletic will be another example of what can be achieved by a team that knows that there is nothing left to do but improve and score points.

This team has barely managed to concede goals in the opponent’s net, and they have another great weakness, their defense. The ones they have not managed to score, they have scored, so they will have to strengthen their defensive lines if they want to prevent another drubbing.

The Basque team has the strength of heart at its feet.

For them it’s not just soccer, and we’re not just talking about the eleven players who take the field in every game. For Athletic Club de Bilbao it is the representation of them as a people in front of the Spanish competition. It is the players, the coaching staff and everyone behind them, plus their fans who follow this great team with all their hearts.

This is their competition and although they have not been in the best form for years, they are still without a doubt one of the teams that fight every game. The beginnings of this season for Athletic were positive, victories and draws that allowed them to add numbers to position themselves in the table were accompanied by goals to gradually place them in a good position.

We have seen Getafe vs Athletic face each other before, how have these encounters ended?

Well, as we have mentioned, both teams are warriors and are always looking to give their opponents a hard time. They do not serve the games on a silver platter, on the contrary, no matter the opponent. Getafe vs Athletic has already been repeated many times but we will refer to the last two matches, the closest to the date of this future dispute.

The first, on December 06, 2021, played at home for Getafe and ended in a draw. Both teams took a point and a 0 for 0. A relatively even game where the scoring chances were had by the locals.

The second opportunity we talked about was on March 18 of this year, this time the game was at San Mam├ęs, home of Athletic. Again, a draw, this time a 1-1 draw, with goals from Unal for Getafe and for the home side, Berchiche. Los Leones outplayed Getafe by far, possession and scoring chances were theirs throughout.

What can we predict for this Getafe vs Athletic LaLiga game?

CXSports‘ prediction for this Getafe vs Athletic game will be a great chance for Los Azulones who will be at home. They will receive at the Coliseum an Athletic hungry for points, eager to take them home. The odds of a victory are higher for the red and white, with at least a 1-0 win. Place your bets for this match via the handy BET button above.

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