F1 Brazil Grand Prix Prediction and Odds, São Paulo 2023

Heading south for the first and final F1 race on the South American continent, the 2023 F1 Brazil Grand Prix is set to kick off the final month of GP racing this November 5, 2023.

Also known as the São Paulo Grand Prix, the 2023 F1 Brazil GP has a long lineage of F1 races dating back to 1972, when the first non-F1 grand prix was held at Interlagos. The following year, the race was included in the official F1 racing calendar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In more recent years, the race has been held a the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, where the race has been dominated by the usual names — Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz… you get the picture.

As for who will dominate this year, that’s still unknown. However, with a little analysis in our 2023 F1 Brazil Grand Prix prediction, you’ll soon be well on the way to backing a winner. Let’s take a look.

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2023 F1 Brazilian GP Information & Analysis

F1 Brazil Grand Prix Prediction São Paulo Course Details

The 2023 F1 Brazil GP is set to go down over 71 counter-clockwise laps of the Autódromo José Carlos Pace circuit. At 4.309 km (2.677 miles), that will give us a total race length of 305.879 km (190.064 miles).

Of course, that doesn’t tell us much about the track layout and climate, which both conspire to create one of the more engaging circuits on the F1 calendar.

On the climate front, São Paulo’s weather is known to be punctuated by frequent, unpredictable bursts of rain which can wreak havoc on even the most well laid out team strategies. These unpredictable bursts of rain are only further complicated by the long pit lane with a complicated entrance.

The track itself also throws up plenty of challenges for the drivers with a mix of elevation changes and complex corners combined with one of the longest full-throttle sections in F1 between “Junção” (turn 12) and turn 1.

This long full-throttle section, which finishes on a long upward incline, then leads straight into a series of challenging corners like the “S do Senna,” “Curva do Sol,” and “Descida do Lago” (turns 1 through 5).

2023 F1 Brazil Grand Prix Odds to Win — Who to Watch

Unlike some other races which have been clearly dominated by a small set of drivers from the modern era, recent F1 Brazil Grand Prix races have been a mixed bag of results.

Of course, these mixed results have always featured the big names, and Hamilton has almost established a dominant streak, with wins in 2016, 2018, and 2021. But even the mighty Verstappen has been unable to establish even a podium streak — after his first in 2019 and a second in 2021, he finished 2022 in sixth place.

Max Verstappen Odds

If Max’s failure to podium in Brazil in 2022, and his recent downfall at Signapore prove anything, it’s that he’s not immune to team dramas and technical problems. But when everything’s on his side, he’s still unstoppable.

Lewis Hamilton Betting Tips

Lewis Hamilton’s still up there with the best, and his track record at Brazil stands him in good stead to make the podium in 2023.

Carlos Sainz Prediction

Historically, Carlos Sainz has performed well at Brazil. In the last three editions, he’s finished with two podiums (third) and a sixth in 2021. We expect another podium in 2023.

Sergio Perez Win Probability

Unlike Sainz, Sergio Perez hasn’t had the best results in Brazil. With that said, he’s shown incredible form this 2023 season and is in with a serious shot at making his first podium in Brazil.

Upcoming F1 Race Schedule

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Prediction F1 Brazil Grand Prix 2023

The prediction for the F1 Brazil Grand Prix 2023 is as follows:

  • Max Verstappen: Save for anything unfortunate happening, Max Verstappen in still #1 to win.
  • Sergio Perez: We expect to see Perez leapfrog his previous Brazil results and move onto the podium at the F1 Brazil Grand Prix 2023.
  • Lewis Hamilton: While not at his former heights, Hamilton’s still regularly making the podium and we expect him to do so in Brazil.

For the constructors, we’re backing Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari, in that order.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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