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F1 Australia Grand Prix 2023

First held back in 1928 at Phillips Island, the F1 Australia Grand Prix is one of Australia’s oldest surviving Formula One events. The course has had 23 venues as of this writing, and, since 1985, has been a part of the F1 World Championship circuit.

Today, the F1 Australia Grand Prix’s current venue is the Albert Park Circuit, located just a stone’s throw away from the Melbourne CBD. And while the venue might have changed over the years, there’s one thing that hasn’t — The F1 Australia Grand Prix never fails to excite.

Last year, we saw an epic battle between Red Bull and Ferrari, as Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc battled it out with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez for the top spot.

Ultimately, LeClerc came out on top in an event full of action, safety cars, and Max Verstappen’s second DNF in three consecutive races. We also saw Mercedes finishing in the top 4, thanks to George Russel’s 3rd place finish, while Lewis Hamilton came in 4th.

With the 2023 edition taking place early in the season on April 2, what can fans expect at the F1 Australia Grand Prix 2023?

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Australian F1 Grand Prix - Driver Predictions and Course Details

F1 Australia Grand Prix 2023 Conditions

Of course, we’ll never know the exact conditions until the day of the race. But we can use seasonal averages in Melbourne as a decent indicator of what to expect.

Melbourne in April is generally warm and dry, though there is always a fairly high risk of rain. However, if rain does occur, it will likely be in the form of a brief shower rather than persistent rain. Temperatures are usually around 21C by day, and 12C by night, so it can actually get on the chilly side when the sun sets.

Who to Watch

While some names in F1 are always worth keeping an eye on, there are others who seem to thrive in certain conditions and on certain circuits.

Here are the drivers we believe are worth keeping an eye on at the F1 Australia Grand Prix.

Charles LeClerc

Charles LeClerc is starting to come into his own now and looks like a real force to be reckoned with in 2023.

Moreover, LeClerc’s 2022 grand slam was the first for Ferrari since Fernando Alonso achieved that feat back in 2010 in Singapore. Many compared his performance to Schumacher’s grand slam at the 2004 Australian Grand Prix — a huge honor and a big sign of what LeClerc has to offer.

LeClerc also fares well in conditions typically associated with Australia at this time of year. And considering he’ll have the momentum from his 2022 win, you have to consider him as one of the favorites for 2023.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez may not be getting as much attention as his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, but don’t let that fool you. He is an incredible driver and should never be ruled out in Australia.

In his last two seasons, he’s been a hot contender for the number-one spot. And even if he had to settle for runner-up, he’s shown he has what it takes to compete with the best.

George Russell

George Russell is another name you should never rule out in any race, especially at the F1 Australia Grand Prix.

Last year, Russel finished in 3rd place, gaining more points than his Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton. He is also one of the top contenders from the 2022 season, which could be doing wonders for his confidence heading into the new season.

After joining Mercedes to replace Valterri Bottas, Russell has proved to be a real asset for the team and looks every bit as competitive as his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

F1 Australia Grand Prix Predictions

Despite Max Verstappen looking so sharp in 2022, we believe it will be Charles LeClerc battling it out for the number 1 spot alongside George Russell.

Of course, you should always count Lewis Hamilton as a contender, even if we believe he has a slim chance against Russell and LeClerc in the battle for the top spot. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are other names to watch for a podium finish. But don’t count on either topping 3rd place.

As far as constructors go, it will likely be a battle between Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. However, providing Hamilton stays consistent, and Russell continues to improve, we’re predicting a Mercedes win here.

To win with this prediction, hit the bet now button. Otherwise, check out our other F1 Grand Prix predictions for more chances to win.

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