Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins Game Prediction

With both sides in the upcoming Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins Game having a hot season so far, you’d almost expect this to be a hard game to pick a winner for. But a closer look at the statistics reveals the Bills to be better placed for the win. Let’s take a look.

Miami Dolphins NFL Predictions
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Buffalo Bills NFL Predictions

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins: Let’s Put This Game Into Context

The Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins rivalry goes back a long time, with the two having faced off against one another twice a season since 1996.

The teams have remained quite evenly balanced throughout, with the Dolphins currently on 61 wins in the fixture compared to the Bills’ 51. It looked much more lopsided when the 1980s started as the Dolphins won the fixture 20 times in a row, but the Bills have been slowly clawing things back to an even ground in recent decades.

That fight reached its zenith in the 1990s when Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins became a battle for dominance of the AFC. Meeting one another four times in the playoffs meant it became one of the hottest rivalries of that decade. Quarterbacks Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were both inducted into the hall of fame after spearheading a reliably feisty fixture between the Dolphins and Bills, respectively, for years.

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins: Historical Matchups and Statistics

Despite winning the fight to keep the rivalry alive when the NFL tried to move the Bills to AFC North, the two sides saw things simmer down more most of the 2000s and 2010s.

However, things have started to heat up again over the last few years. When the Dolphins hired Bills’ ex-head coach Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator in 2020, fans knew the stove was back on. The Bills’ humiliation of the Dolphins 56-26 in the final game of the regular season that year left Miami supporters stewing as they had to watch Buffalo claim the division crown.

A 35-0 Bills win in the second week of 2021 had the Dolphins yearning for the 70s again and was Buffalo’s biggest win of the season. Their win in the next game also put them on a seven-game winning streak in the Bills vs Dolphins fixture.

The rivalry between the two takes on a unique character since the cities are so far from one another and have such different characteristics. The build-up of such a rivalry (despite hundreds of miles separating the sides) is a testament to the exciting occasions that have arisen between the teams.

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins NFL Prediction: Seasons So Far

The Bill’s season is going brilliantly in most respects. Despite talk that the side is not playing at levels that we’ve seen them perform at before, they look like very real Super Bowl contenders at the moment.

Their record of 8-3 so far is up there with the best in the league, and the turbulence in the early weeks of the season now looks to be in the past. Issues with Von Miller’s knee are the main obstacle in the Bills’ way, but if Miller can get back to full fitness, it’s hard to see anyone stopping them.

The 28-25 Win against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving was a dramatic spectacle that will keep fans and players riled up for weeks.

The Dolphins’ season has been just as smooth, and their current record also stands at 8-3. However, where things start looking less optimistic is the tougher fixture list Miami is coming up against.

Their impressive performances so far are a good reason for fans to get excited. But victories against tougher teams need to be earned first before Miami should get too carried away.

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Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins Match Prediction.

Things couldn’t be much closer as this rivalry reignites. But the Bills’ home advantage and track record this season against tougher teams mean we’re predicting a win for the Buffalo Bills.

Still, it could really go either way, as the Dolphins have also managed to match the lesser challenges that have been asked of them. And, if the Dolphins can take victory from an in-form team like the Bills, then we know they’re genuine contenders this season.

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Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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Miami Dolphins NFL Predictions
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Buffalo Bills NFL Predictions
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Miami Dolphins NFL Predictions
Miami Dolphins USA
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Buffalo Bills USA
Buffalo Bills NFL Predictions