Brentford vs Liverpool | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 19

The Premier League has been a competition that for decades has shown us the best of world soccer. It is a reference even for the other most important leagues at a global level. That is why we can applaud all the clubs that go there to meet the giants and measure themselves, to stay there. Brentford vs Liverpool will be a match of a big club with no luck and a small club with talent and grit.

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En el Gtech Community Stadium se jugará el Brentford vs Liverpool del 02-01-2023

Brentford are moving towards the middle of the table

Brentford’s achievements this season have not been mind-blowing, but it has been a great achievement to see them steadily move towards the middle of the table with game after game of performances that denote the club’s growth. A team that until recently played outside of the Premier League and seems to have found the comfort that many have struggled to find their place in the competition. Brentford vs Liverpool is coming up and it will be a time when the opposition are not in their best shape to fight them off.

What about Liverpool? No danger but no prizes either

Season after season we are accustomed to seeing Liverpool move towards the top of the table and finish champions or close in the Champions League places with ease. More so now we see the Reds somewhat disjointed and with little consistency in their play. In eleven games he had three defeats, four draws and four wins, come on, they are not good numbers. Brentford vs Liverpool could be an opportunity to get three points, but whether they can achieve it is another story.

Previous Brentford vs Liverpool What have been the results, the protagonists and the statistics?

On January 16, 2022 a Brentford vs Liverpool game was played at Anfield Stadium that ended with the Reds crushing the Bees. Liverpool dominated the ball for 69% of the match, managing to build their game at will, while Brentford only had the ball for 31%. The ability to build and hit passes was demonstrated for the home side, who achieved an 82% accuracy rate, higher than the visitors’ 62%. The Reds’ attack was total, with 13 shots on goal, while the Abejas only had one chance to put the ball in the opponent’s net.

The first goal of the match came a little late in the first half, in the 44th minute Fabinho Tavares received a ball from Alexander-Arnold to send the ball into the back of the net, giving his team the first goal and opening the red goal party. They would go into halftime with this result.

In the 69th minute of the match, a ball from Robertson to Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain would give Liverpool a 2 – 0 lead over Brentford. The third goal was not long in coming and in the 77th minute Takumi Minamino added one for the Reds with an assist from Roberto Firmino. Thus ended Brentford vs Liverpool, with the Bees’ chances cancelled out on their visit to Anfield.

Upcoming games Matchday 20 English Premier League

On the 20th date of the Premier League, Brentford vs Bournemouth, a good occasion for the Bees to win 3 at home, and Brighton vs Liverpool.

Predictions for Brentford vs Liverpool 2023

The last two results that have been given for Brentford vs Liverpool matches yield a win for the Reds and a draw. But we can not refer only to these references, as important as they are, it is necessary to analyze the results that have had each in the previous rounds of the current season. With this, we can dare to predict a possible 2 – 2 draw, or a 2 – 1 win for the Reds against the Bees. Place your bets

Odds Analysis and Previous Match History

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Brentford Predictions Premier League
Liverpool FC predictions
Brentford Predictions Premier League
Brentford England
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Liverpool England
Liverpool FC predictions

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