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Bournemouth vs Tottenham Premier 22-23 Predictions

Bournemouth vs Tottenham Premier 22-23 Predictions

USA Leagues
Bournemouth vs Tottenham Premier 22-23 Predictions

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English Premier League

Bournemouth vs Tottenham | EPL 22-23 | Matchday 14

This match is over. If you’re looking for the next match between Bournemouth and Tottenham, check out our Tottenham vs Bournemouth prediction.

The Premier League has started with a bang as teams fight tooth and nail to grab a top spot on the ladder and ultimately win the championship. As such, the level of competition this season is enormous, and any club that wants to stand a chance must give everything they’ve got to hold on to a worthy place. So with that said, let’s look at the upcoming Bournemouth vs Tottenham showdown.

On one side of this match-up, we have a club that’s just made a return to the top flight. And on the other, we have a Premier League regular. Neither team should be underestimated, with each taking the necessary steps to grab a place for itself. So now the big question is: who will win?

Bournemouth Predictions Premier League
Bournemouth England
29 Oct, 16:00 English Premier League Bet Now
Tottenham England
Tottenham Hotspur FC Premier Predictions

Bournemouth to Host a Determined Tottenham at Home

Getting Back in the Top Flight Has Been Easy for Bournemouth

The Cherries have been out of the Premier League for the last two seasons after their 2020 relegation. And, while they are league veterans, their return has been no piece of cake

In their first match, they took all three points against Aston Villa, showing signs of a team that had been built to succeed. However, this would seem like more of a lucky stroke compared to what came next.

First, they suffered two big defeats at the hands of table-topping teams. And things only got worse when they met Liverpool, who, despite not having their best start of the season, scored a crushing 9 goals without batting an eyelid. Basically, the Cherry Trees were beaten down by a killer team that knew how to take advantage of their weakness.

After this embarrassing episode, their Technical Director was dismissed, and Gary O’Neil took his place.

Now, this club is in a do-or-die position where it must take home the three points that are up for grabs in the Bournemouth vs Tottenham match. And to do so, they must take advantage of anything that will work in their favor, like the home game advantage they’ll have when they kick off at Vitality Stadium.

Tottenham Are Pretty Confident About What They Can Achieve this Season

Coming up to this Bournemouth vs Tottenham, the Spurs are going from strength to strength. They have played some excellent matches where their quality football and depth of talent have been on full display. In fact, as of its seventh matchday, the club is still undefeated this season.

However, while their win record is unquestionable, not all victories have come easy. Indeed, several have come down to the wire, finishing with the smallest of goal differences. Nonetheless, they have still managed to score at least three goals in most of their matches.

What’s more, they also seem to be getting stronger and more confident as the competition progresses. Their seventh Premiership game saw them snatch six goals from a Leicester side that left them little room to falter, where a brilliant Son Heung-Min would score the last three goals to seal the game.

And just as their motto states, “to dare is to make,” they will go into the away leg to take home three points from Bournemouth vs Tottenham.

Bournemouth vs Tottenham Match History

Given Bournemouth‘s absences in the Premier League, they do not have that many recent games. Still, the ones we do have reveal plenty of information on what could come out of this matchup.

The first Bournemouth vs Tottenham match we’ll look at was in May 2019. In this match, the win went to the Cherries with a 1-0 scoreboard. And, at the time, the stats had them as underdogs with less than a 40% chance of winning. Yet, they defied the odds and took home the victory.

The second match we have on record comes from November 2019, and was another match that ended in a Tottenham victory, with the final score sitting at 3 for Tottenham and 2 for Bournemouth. Of those goals, two came from a double by Dele Ali, with another by Moussa Sissoko.

As for the most recent match, that ended in a 0-0 draw in July 2020.

CXSports Bournemouth vs Tottenham Prediction

From what we’ve seen, the data points to a Tottenham vs Bournemouth outcome of 2-0 in Tottenham‘s favor.

So go ahead and hit the bet now button to win with this CXSports prediction.

Upcoming matches: 

On matchday 15, we bring you Tottenham vs Liverpool, and Bournemouth, who go to Leeds to bring back 3 points. 

29 Oct, 16:00 English Premier League
Bournemouth Predictions Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur FC Premier Predictions

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