Benfica vs Real Sociedad Prediction & Odds Date 03

We have a great game coming up between two great clubs from two great leagues. The Reds have been at the top of their league and other commitments, even going far in this one. The Realas, on the other hand, have recently been making a comeback in European competitions. This match of matchday three of the group stage will take place at the Do Sport Lisboa e Benfica stadium, on 24/10. The Prediction Benfica vs Real Sociedad promises us a match full of spice, where most of the chips are on the home side. And we’ll tell you why, the facts that stand out from each of the clubs, get your bets ready!

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Benfica vs Real Sociedad Predictions & Picks

There was and still is a lot of spark in the Reds, that which brought them to be back in the Champions League has not ended.

Benfica seems to be a trouble maker for those clubs that come across their path, they are not an opponent to be taken lightly, with a front that can surprise and finish off a match in just minutes of carelessness. In their league they finished as champions, earning a direct pass to this competition. Twenty-eight wins and only three defeats, in addition to conceding only 20 goals and scoring 82.

These stages have been their home for some seasons now, with more prominence in the two most recent ones, in both of which they reached the quarterfinals. They have been awarded this trophy twice, although some time ago, twice in a row, in the 1960-61 and 1961-62 campaigns. There will be clashes in this group stage, but they have what it takes to take the points in this Benfica vs Real Sociedad, if they keep a cool head.

Benfica vs Real Sociedad Odds & Stats

The Realas have been searching for growth in recent years, but in the past they experienced the boom that would catapult them to the top of the table.

What you saw from Real Sociedad was pure soccer in a transformational delight, as the squad and coaching staff were meshing together to move like a tornado in their domestic league to be seen here today. They narrowly managed to get third place and there they already experienced the first warning sign of burning the team’s cartridges, noticing that they must achieve a better distribution in performance. They finished fourth, with twenty-one wins and nine losses, scoring 51 goals and conceding 35.

They had not managed to be part of the Champions League since 2013 – 14, which was their third participation in the competition and in which they could only reach the group stage. There are many possibilities for this to happen again, it is a very close group, with a high level and clubs that give surprises, but in which the greatest possibilities are those of Inter Milan and their rival of this duel, Benfica vs Real Sociedad.

Next match Date 4 Champions League

On date four of this group stage will be facing themselves, the second leg in Spain, Real Sociedad vs Benfica.

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Prediction Benfica vs Real Sociedad 2023

There are many things to take into account to throw a possible winner in this duel, factors such as how familiar they are with competitions at this level, while at the same time they can carry a good pace in the national. And the current status of the club in the matches they are already playing. The home side have more in the balance, and make them favorites, while the visitors should be clinging on to a long shot. The Prediction Benfica vs Real Sociedad is 3 – 1 or 2 – 0.

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