Barcelona vs Almería | LaLiga 22-23 | Matchday 13

This game is now over. If you are looking for the next time Barcelona and Almería face off, check out our Almeria vs Barcelona prediction.

Usually when we watch a match, just by looking at who is going to face each other, we know who could win. And the fact is that there are teams for whom glory practically comes by itself. We must recognize that the greatness of a club comes, in essence, from the purchasing power for the signings and the prestige they give them. There are teams that are worth millions and spend millions more to build the best squads in the world. Others, however, that get by as best they can. So it will be Barcelona vs Almeria, a match with an obvious winner without much of a level playing field.

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We tell you a little more about Barcelona vs Almeria that will face each other on November 6th.

What a party Barcelona is having, they want the lead and they are going for it!

Barcelona is coming from a season that they surely want to forget, but they are no longer even the reflection of that bad step. Xavi and Laporta have put together a team that is sweeping away everything in its path, without delay, without skimping on expenses. Every calculated move, from the end of last season to the transfer market, is bearing fruit.

They are having an excellent season, and match after match they are showing greater cohesion in their ranks. New players such as Robert Lewandoski, Raphina, Christensen and Koundé are making good friends with the old squad such as Pedri, Gavi, Memphis (although his stay at the club is questionable). Xavi’s recipe started to work since last season, late, but early to start with this one as they go, with everything.

A game like Barcelona vs Almeria is a banquet on a silver platter for the Blaugranas. They had only had one obstacle until the sixth date to be crowned at the top of the table, Real Madrid, who like them, want the title. The Barca team will continue to attend every game with the desire to score goals and to claim for themselves and the fans the missing titles of the 2021 – 2022 season.

Almeria are far from being able to stop their opponents at their home, the Spotify Camp Nou.

For Almeria this season has been a butchery, they have been run over in most of the matches played until the sixth date. Will this Barcelona vs Almeria be the same? It has been tough for the Indalicos, although they have not faltered in their intention to take the team to another level. They know that they have not been in the optimum conditions required by a competition like LaLiga and that is why they are lagging behind.

But they do not rest, during the national break their squad continued training to face the games to come. They know that there are no tough games coming up, such as this Barcelona vs Almería, and that they must give themselves a reality check to go out onto the pitch with everything the club has to offer. Having reached the First Division at a time when their level of competition is so high has not worked in their favor. They are close to the relegation spaces and those around them are eagerly looking for the same goal, not to compete in the next season in LaLiga Smart Bank

Predictions for Barcelona vs Almeria

This match to be played on November 06, based in Barcelona, may already have its end announced. We are not talking about any two teams in any competition, but one of the best clubs in the world that seeks to be champion. And a small team that arrives with illusions of at least defending the permanence.  The victory will clearly be blaugrana, the possible result? A disastrous defeat could be expected, but Almeria has been able to close their ranks. Perhaps a 3 – 0 or a 4 – 1 for the locals is a close result.

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Matchday 14: 

The last one before the World Cup! Before the break, Almeria vs Getafe for the bottom of the table, and Barcelona, which goes to Osasuna in search of a difficult victory. 

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FC Barcelona Predictions
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FC Barcelona Predictions
Barcelona Spain
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Almería Spain
UD Almeria Predictions

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