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Hybrid Athletes Discover Hot Hydration Hack That Actually Boosts Performance

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  • 7 minutes reading
  • 14.06.2023

If you’re still clinging to old-school beliefs about hydration and recovery, chances are you’re doing it wrong. In recent years, hybrid athletes have been discovering neat hacks to tap into thousands of years of evolution and supercharge their performances. Here, we learn more.

PWR LIFT sports hydration and protein water

By now, you’d think that hydration in sports is so well understood that it’s a non-issue. Water. Electrolytes. The right proportions. Done.

That’s the way it’s been for years now. So why change the formula?

Shockingly, this was the same attitude we once had towards food. Just follow the food pyramid, and you’re golden.

Then we started discovering superfoods — foods that, gram for gram, deliver out-sized nutrition compared to regular foods.

Of course, there have been attempts to bring that thinking to water. Vitamin water is the perfect example.

But so far, no one has rethought hydrating and sports performance in any sort of meaningful way. That is, until PWR LIFT came along.

How PWR LIFT Is Shaking Up Sports Hydration

In rethinking the way we hydrate, there’s no debate that adding vitamins was a good move. But ask any athlete what is the single most important nutrient they can get during, or immediately after exercise, and they’re not going to answer with a letter from the alphabet.

Nope. 9 times out of 10, they’re going to respond with protein.

Yep. Protein. The number one most important macro when it comes to rebuilding muscles and aiding recovery.

So why aren’t we adding it to water then?

Yes, you can get it in a protein shake. And yes, you absolutely should consume it as part of a balanced diet.

But here’s the thing. There’s a little-known secret about refueling the body that only the pros have known about for years.

That secret is what PWR LIFT has dubbed the Prime Window of Recovery™.

The concept, while nothing new in the world of professional sports nutrition, is something that has only come to light in the amateur ranks in recent years. But now that it has come out, the concept is quickly taking the world by storm.

The Prime Window of Recovery™ Explained

In a nutshell, the Prime Window of Recovery™ hacks into the very basis of the way our bodies work. That basis is the fact our bodies evolved to overreact in the short-term to the stimulus we provide them.

Here’s an example.

If you do an intense workout, your appetite drops. Sometimes it drops so much that you can’t even stomach the thought of food.

Why’s that?

The reason is self-explanatory. Because your body evolved to devote 100% to whatever it believes is your most immediate need.

Historically, intense workouts were associated with danger, whether that be battle or hunting. 

That’s why the body evolved to shut down systems that weren’t absolutely necessary to its immediate survival. After all, why divert blood and energy to the digestive tract when there are muscles screaming out for energy as they quite literally fight for survival?

The flip side of this is that the body also learned to overreact to the end of an intense workout. That means it learned to create a short window of opportunity in which it turbocharges its absorption of vital nutrients from the food and drink it consumes.

This also makes perfect sense. After all, if the body has no idea how long it’s going to have to get going again, it’s going to want to do everything in its power to be refueled and ready to go again ASAP.

But this window of time is limited to 30 minutes max. The body needs rest, after all. Digesting food and breaking down nutrients is energy-intensive, so your body will only maintain this turbocharged state for a short period of time.

That is essentially what the Prime Window of Recovery™ is all about. It’s essentially exploiting outdated evolutionary traits for modern-day gains.

What’s Wrong With Old-School Electrolyte Drinks and Protein Shakes?

While protein shakes and standard electrolyte drinks still serve an important purpose, those purposes don’t suit everybody.

So let’s start with the obvious. Most sports drinks are packed full of sugar.

Now, if you’re a Tour de France cyclist or an elite Ironman athlete, this is fine.

But most athletes, even at the professional level, will never come close to the sort of aerobic outputs these long-distance endurance athletes sustain over long periods.

Or, said another way, unless you’re burning 6000-8000 calories a day, you just don’t need high-octane sugar in your diet. So why do we consume it in our sports drinks? The body is, after all, perfectly capable of fuelling itself for several hours using its own glycogen reserves.

And then we get to the problem of protein shakes. Even if we opt for low- or no-carb alternatives, they’re still a massive faff. What’s worse, they often taste chalky or milky.

Now try slamming one of those down immediately after an intense workout.

Tik tok, your Prime Window of Recovery™ is running out.

PWR LIFT Is Modern Sports Hydration for Modern Athletes

The reality for most athletes, especially hybrid athletes combing power with endurance workouts, is that old-school protein shakes and sports drinks aren’t optimal. They were originally designed to serve single-discipline athletes at the opposite end of the spectrum — bodybuilders and elite long-distance athletes.

For anyone else who’s in between these two polar extremes, these old-school approaches aren’t optimal.

What is optimal is to nail the two most important determinants of performance and recovery — hydration and protein — and to deliver them in a form that’s easy to consume during the Prime Window of Recovery™.

That is what PWR LIFT set out to achieve, and it’s precisely what they’ve created. A low-carb drink packed with protein and BCAAs, along with the optimal balance of electrolytes to optimize your hydration.

To learn more about the science behind PWR LIFT or to enjoy 15% off your first order on signup, simply follow this link.

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