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How CXSports Can Find a Small Sports Promoter Guaranteed Sponsorships

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  • 03.08.2022

When resources are tight and there are no guaranteed sponsorships, every small sports promoter faces a fierce uphill battle. But there are ways they can tip the odds in their favor. CXSports, a new sports marketing company, has come onto the market with one such solution, promising to help sports promoters, leagues, teams, and athletes find sponsors, engage with fans, and get paid.


Trying to get off the ground as a small sports promoter is no small feat, especially when there aren’t any guaranteed sponsorships. Many have tried, and almost as many have failed. But failure to keep a new league running isn’t always due to a lack of know-how or industry experience. In fact, a quick survey of the sports promotions industry quickly reveals that new leagues and events are often the brainchildren of experienced sports and business professionals with years of experience.

But while knowledge and experience can go a long way, it’s only partial compensation for many of the other tailwinds new sports promoters face in getting a league or event off the ground.

Indeed, on closer inspection, the primary hurdle most sports promotions face in their do-or-die early years is a simple lack of financial and human resources. There’s only so much a small team with a limited budget can do.

Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t solutions. Finding and landing sponsors, for one, is a surefire way to add credibility, increase resources, and improve runway — all factors that can make a big difference. But this is easier said than done. Or, at least, it was.

CXSports Offers Guaranteed Sponsorships

Recently, CXSports, a sports marketing company has come onto the market with a bold promise: guaranteed sponsorships for any eligible influencer, athlete, sports team, league, or promoter. It’s a big promise which begs an even bigger question.

That question, of course, is “how?” How can a company offer guaranteed sponsorships when most of the companies actually providing the sponsorships wouldn’t normally be prepared to take a risk on an unproven entity?

The answer is, in part, surprisingly simple. At least, it is on the surface. In reality, however, as with many tech products, the surface simplicity is the result of a well-thought-out product that hides its layers of complexity from the end-user. That is to say, while the concept is a rather simple one, implementing it in practice would normally take a whole lot of effort.

CXSports Offers Guaranteed Results for Sponsors

The key twist in the CXSports sponsorship model is that it doesn’t ask sponsors for anything upfront. Instead, it enters into performance-based deals where the total value of any sponsorship is determined purely by the results CXSports and its clients can deliver. In other words, brands can get risk-free exposure to thousands of sports fans.

Of course, the concept is not a new one. Performance-based marketing has been around for a long time, perhaps having its origins in the classic door-to-door sales model where reps would earn a commission on the products they sold.

Of course, translating this model into sports promotion, athlete, and team sponsorships is a whole other kettle of fish. Even the biggest advertisers around have trouble when it comes time to attribute sales with where the marketing budget has been spent. It’s simply too hard to track the end customer journey from “I saw a logo” to “I bought a product.”

Leveraging Technology for Deep Performance Insights

When the internet arrived, it didn’t take long for advertisers to realize they had a powerful new tool on their hands. Using the power of cookies, customized links, and other attribution techniques, it suddenly became a whole lot simpler to track where sales were coming from.

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