Start fundraising immediately regardless of your club size.

Raise Money For Your Team Without Asking For Cash

Monetary support from fans is key in getting a semi-pro or amateur team to victory and profitability. Do it the easy and cashless way. With a custom browser extension branded to represent your team, fans can contribute to you by simply shopping online.

Financial Support From Fans Made Easy! 

Every time your fans make a purchase online, they can contribute money to your club without spending anything extra. By partnering with thousands of online retailers, the browser extension empowers fans to keep your team competing and growing. 

Make it easy for your fans to contribute to their favorite team’s success, all without asking them for direct donations!


How Cashless Giving Works

Rally Your Fans

Encourage your supporters to download your custom-branded browser extension (we’ll help you get the branding and user experience just right).

Start Right Away

Once installed, the extension will let partner retailers know when one of your fans makes an online purchase. 

Shop and Support

When your fans make a purchase, the merchant will issue a commission for the transaction to you, totaling around 4% of the purchase. 

Reach New Fans

As you invest your contributions into building great teams on and off the field, your brand reach grows, giving you a wider network of support, and increasing your contribution total.

How Much Does It Cost? $0

That’s right, Nada, Zip, Zilch. Niente. 

Register to reserve your spot, and we’ll work with you to create your custom-branded browser extension, so you can start collecting cashless contributions from your fans. 

We don’t charge anything up-front and take a small portion of the fan-generated revenue to cover our operating and development costs.

Don’t Wait, Rally Your Fans and Build Your Legacy

Fill out the form to reserve your spot. We’ll get in touch and work with you to create your very own, custom-branded cashless donation browser extension that you can share with your growing fan base.

Because of high demand, you want to reserve your spot ahead of time, as the current wait time for building your browser extension is around 4 weeks.